Primal Existence

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From Belgium it came, a new sax trio that fuses art jazz with Euro the way that ECM did it in their younger days.
Midwest Record

The Belgian saxophone trio Mamutrio was founded under the impulse of the young, talented drummer Jesse Dockx. With his former teachers and mentors, bassist Piet Verbist and saxophonist Lieven Cambré, the trio has now performed dozens of concerts around Belgium and presents here its debut recording. Bringing an active performance style with lots of interaction, Mamutrio performs a repertoire that contains mostly originals from the band members, expressing all kinds of moods and influences. Contemporary jazz with a variety of approaches, from traditional to playful and open, focusing on harmony and melodic interplay in a rhythmic context, challenging and dynamic.

Track Listing:

1 In Peace With Gravity (Piet Verbist) 9:43
2 Triads (Lieven Cambré) 4:23
3 Ballast (Behind All Love Laughs A Simple Truth) (Piet Verbist) 6:35
4 To Remember (Jesse Dockx) 5:27
5 Temperamental (Piet Verbist) 5:17
6 Night Shift (Lieven Cambré) 4:38
7 For Less Than Nothing (Piet Verbist) 6:30
8 Mr. Mood's Touch (Lieven Cambré) 5:21
9 You Are Too Beautiful (Richard Rodgers) 6:21
10 My Love You (Piet Verbist) 7:05


Lieven Cambré - alto saxophone
Piet Verbist - double bass
Jesse Dockx - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Piet Verbist / Contour vzw Arendstraat 31 2018 Antwerpen Belgium
Recorded & mixed by Fre Madou/Piet Verbist at Studio Soundfarm, Loenhout, Belgium
Recorded on August 24, 2015
Mastered by Brian Schwab at Schwab Mastering, Chicago
Band photograph by JL Knaepen
Liner notes by Dré Pallemaerts
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Primal Existence

JazzHalo (Belgium) (Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther)
This trio, whose name somehow resembles an extinct mammoth, is formed by Lieven Cambré (alto sax), Piet Verbist (bass) and Jesse Dockx (drums). The three Jazzers have been playing together for about two years. In particular by the renouncement of the classical harmony instrument, the piano, the music of the trio gets a very special freshness. The ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
From Belgium it came, a new sax trio that fuses art jazz with Euro sensibilities making for some grand egghead jazz in the way that ECM did it in their younger days. Angular sounds that are carefully plotted in their execution, these three have it going on and manage to fuse jazz from different trio modes in to one, well done whole. A must for si ...

KUCI - Irvine, CA (Hobart Taylor)
A funny thing about the trio form, whether it is a power trio in rock (The Police), Beethoven's piano trios, or the work of Bill Evans' trios, the perfect balance between figure and ground that comes to mind as you listen to ensemble and solo play intermittently to me just feels intimate and to the point. This Belgian triad is spirited, preci ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
The team of Lieven Cambre'/as, Piet Verbist/b and Jesse Dockx/dr team up for some fun bop and beyond. Cambre' has a sweet as honey tone, gloriously sighing to Verbist's resonant bass on "In Peace with Gravity" and relaxing on the lovely "Ballast". His vibrato gets lonely while Dockx gets frisky on "For Less Than Nothing" and the team snaps joyfully ...

Jazz Halo (Belgium) (Iwein Van Malderen)
There is a small sensation in the making, especially not keep quiet! Experts who know how a sax-bass-drums trio functions and convenient between the slalom lurking clichés, are rare. Two young veterans take 'on the bandstand "a young guy in tow. In turn injects the young guest the music with a dose of freshness that conjures up a mysterious smile ...

Jazz Halo - Belgium (French) (Claude Loxhay)
The sax-bass-drum trio is not a rare grouping, mostly with tenor saxophones (Sonny Rollins, Gratitude Trio by Jeroen van Herzeele) but there are exceptions such as the trio Renku by Michaël Attias with alto sax, or this Mamutrio . This formula "without net" requires a perfect involvement of the rhythmic pair: everyone must be able to be a soloi ...

Jazzflits (Belgium) (Hessel Fluitman )
Piet Verbist as a bassist and leader has already presented an abundance of different work. Alto saxophonist Lieven Cambré is also not a newcomer, but drummer Jesse Dockx is a fresh voice on the scene. Their CD "Primal Existence" is a set of generally quiet jazz. Cambré looks for a thoughtful way through the possibilities these themes offer him. ...

Written In Music (Belgium) ( Philippe De Cleen)
Met Primal Existence geeft Mamutrio, bestaande uit (alt)saxofonist Lieven Cambré, bassist Piet Verbist en de nog maar 19 jaar jonge drummer Jesse Dockx aan dat jong en oud elkaar in de jazz prima kunnen vinden. Ondanks de eerder klassieke bezetting (altsax, bas, drums) weet dit trio zichzelf op erg aantrekkelijke wijze in de kijker te spelen, a ...

Jazzenzo (The Netherlands) (Erno Elsinga)
Aanvankelijk was het Jesse Dockx die zijn naam aan dit trio verbond, de inmiddels twintigjarige Belgische slagwerker die zijn opleiding aan het Conservatorium van Amsterdam genoot en als een groot belofte geldt. Omgedoopt in Mamutrio, verder bestaand uit landgenoten Piet Verbist (1961) op contrabas en altsaxofonist Lieven Cambré (1968), debuteert ...

Improvijazzation Nation (Rotcod Zzaj)
Jesse Dockx, drummer extraordinaire from Belgium, helped to found this absolutely tasty jazz trio, and with his mentors & mates Piet Verbist (bass) and Lieven Cambre (saxophone), they put together some tunes you won't soon forget… a "prime" example of that is the 5:26 "To Remember"… great drum intro from Jesse, with his partners weaving in righ ...

The New York City Jazz Record (Tom Greenland)
Mamutrio was founded when 19-year-old drummer Jesse Dockx convinced his teachers, alto saxophonist Lieven Cambré and bassist Piet Verbist, to collaborate with him. Primal Existence is an hour-long exposé on how to make a traditional approach sound contemporary. Part of the group's success lies in its demarcated sound registers: Verbist holding do ...

France Musique (Editor)
Pour la parution de « Primal Existence » chez Origin, le trio belge Mamutrio est en concert pour la présentation de son album mercredi 18 janvier au Jazz Club Jacques Perzer à Liège (Belgique). Ce trio a été fondé sous l'impulsion du jeune batteur Jesse Dockx. Avec ses professeurs et mentors, le bassiste Piet Verbist et le saxophoniste L ...





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