Piet Verbist

Suite Réunion

Origin 82769


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...Verbist creates a groove that is all about Serious Cool, yet undeniably thoughtful and even cerebral...

A presence on the European jazz scene for 25 years, Belgian bassist Piet Verbist is best known for his decade of touring with Universal Records' Jef Neve Trio, with the expansive list of artists he performs with yearly, or releases and tours by his own groups - the modern, electric Zygomatik and the collective, Mamutrio. Having many compositions that fell outside the needs of those groups, Verbist formed his acoustic quartet for exploring wider musical concepts with a lot of space for dynamic improvisation. Suite Réunion is also a celebration of old friends, as the acclaimed drummer Dré Pallemaerts and Verbist's musical collaborations go back to their early teens. Along with pianist Bram Weijters and saxophonist Bart Borremans, Suite Réunion is an intimate look into this special player's musical world.

Track Listing:

1. Mygratum 1:55
2. Asylum 11:11
3. Bright Minor 5:31
4. Suite Réunion 11:48
5. Hope In Despair 6:08
6. The Beauty In The Beast 7:30
7. Devious Ways 11:29
8. Blues Excuse 5:56

All compositions by Piet Verbist


Piet Verbist - double bass
Bart Borremans - tenor sax
Bram Weijters - piano
Dré Pallemaerts - drums (2,3,4,6,7)
Wim Eggermont - drums (5,8)

Production Info:

Produced by Piet Verbist for Contour vzw
Recorded by Pierre Dozin at Ace Studio, Aartselaar, Belgium
on February 13 & 14, 2018
Mixed by Pierre Dozin at Studio Ubik, Brussels, Belgium
Mastered by Brian Schwab at Schwab Mastering, Chicago, IL
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Suite Réunion

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Originally formed as an outlet for the things he was writing that didn't fit into the various formats for all the other groups he was working with contemporaneously, this nu ECM cool school instrumental set lights the way to the creative future for musos unafraid to take chances in that distinct Euro way, not a surprise since Verbist is from Belgiu ...

JazzHalo (Belgium) (Ferdinand Dupuis-Panther )
The Antwerp-based bassist Piet Verbist has been a staple of the Belgian jazz scene for decades. The current album features Verbist, the musicians listed below, and connections to these musicians date back to the teens, such as Dré Pallemaert . On the tenor saxophone we hear Bart Borremans , at the piano Bram Weijters and in some songs like "Hope I ...

JazzHalo (Belgium) (Bernard Lefèvre)
Piet Verbist is a passionate contrabassist who is full of energy and inspiration with what he writes in an authentic richly varied style of electric grooves (Zygomatic) to modern jazz (Mamutrio). For his new project Suite Réunion with entirely his own work, he chose a different acoustic composition. This Piet Verbist Quartet (PVQ) has been on m ...

Jazzenzo (The Netherlands) (Georges Tonla Briquet)
Since he left Jef Neve, Belgian contrabassist Piet Verbist got time and space to work out his own ideas. After two shots with his group Zygomatik and one with Mamutrio, this is now his fourth release for the American label Origin. A new beginning also with an acoustic quartet for which he wrote eight pieces. 'Suite Réunion' is a real showcase f ...

France Musique - Jazz Trotter (Editor)
Present on the European jazz scene for 25 years, Belgian bassist Piet Verbist is best known in recent years for his participation in Jef Neve triode. He has previously recorded and shot with his own bands such as Zygomatik or the Mamutrio collective. Having many compositions that did not meet the needs of these groups, Piet Verbist created an a ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Bassist Piet Verbist brings his compositions to the table with Bart Borremans/ts, Bram Weuters/p, and Dre Pallemaerts-Wim Eggermont/dr. Verbst's bass is sonorous and reflective on his solo piece "Mygratum" and uses his strings to lead into pieces like the spacious and sparkling "Hope in Despair" and serpentine "Devious Ways." Weijters is peppy on t ...

Downbeat (Alex W. Rodriguez)
*** Jazz musicians know a thing or two about grueling travel schedules. Belgian bassist Piet Verbist, a veteran of two decades of jazz globetrotting, draws from the experience and gathers longtime friends for Suite Réunion, an album that exudes effervescence throughout as pieces oscillate between cool, lyrical openness and upbeat swing. "Mygra ...

Bird is the Worm (Dave Sumner)
Piet Verbist is far more off the radar than he should be. The bassist has a real talent for creating modern works that balance expertly between new- and old-school forms of expression. The axis of this meeting point is where deeply melodic forays and from-the-heart blues occupy the same space, unconflicted. His latest is yet another example, and ...

The New York City Jazz Record (Tom Greenland)
Bassists aren't always the most extroverted members of an ensemble, so it's always intriguing to hear what they'll choose to present given the reins of leadership. German Holger Scheidt, Belgian Piet Verbist and Dane Morten Haxholm each reveal a bit of themselves in the way they handle these reins: Antwerp-based Verbist surely falls on the ‘te ...





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