Peterson-Kohler Collective

Winter Colors

Origin 82787


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...Dave Peterson originals (are) full of sharp gleaming edges and shining facets and neat grooves, catchy, stick-in-the-head melodies, and a very accessible sound that reveals deeper complexities on multiple listens.

Raised in Montana by a family of musicians and music educators, cousins Dave Peterson, Rob Kohler and Lee Kohler each went their own way after school, forging rich and varied music careers with teaching, performing and tours throughout the world. Forty-five years later, the cousins assembled in Seattle for this reunion of sorts, gathering compositions, mutual musician friends, and their collective inherited musical taste. From the impressionism of Peterson's lyrical title tune, to the quirky funk of "M&M Blues," composed by the Kohler's late father, or their two rangy group improvisations, Winter Colors exudes the warmth of family and the cousin's depth of musical kinship.

Track Listing:

1. Winter Colors 5:43
2. I Need You Too 6:05
3. Rise Up 4:13
4. Graceful 7:13
5. Grey Mist 2:55
6. The Wind Has Gone Down 7:12
7. Danza 5:19
8. White Flurries 1:25
9. M&M Blues 6:40
10. Solstice Song 5:48

(1,6,10) by David Peterson
(2) by Leonard Read Kohler
(3,4) by Rob Kohler
(5,8) by The Collective
(7) by Brent Jensen
(9) by John Kohler


Dave Peterson - Guitar
Brent Jensen - Saxophone
Lee Kohler - Piano
Rob Kohler - Bass
John Bishop - Drums

Production Info:

Produced by Lee Kohler, Rob Kohler & Dave Peterson
Recorded by Reed Ruddy at Studio X, Seattle, WA
September, 2018
Mixed by Rob Kohler/Lee Kohler/Dave Peterson
at Kohler House Studio, Great Falls, MT
Mastered by Rob Kohler at Kohler House Studio
Photography by Erico Marcelino
Band photos by Phoenix Kanada, Akairr Sun
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Winter Colors

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
If the business of big business wasn't something that always gets in the way and grinds things down, this is probably what impressionistic, Windham Hill jazz would sound like today. Skillfully played by a bunch of cousins that used to do this all the time, it's deep yet easy going and always on the money and in the pocket. Much more than just pre ...

Downbeat (Brian Morton)
4-STARS Some families gush with affection. Others show love in cooler, quieter tones. This is a thoroughly grownup family band that relies on deep thought, mutual respect and understatement, rather than competitive rough-housing. David Peterson's themes are gently swinging, with the kind of attractively lopsided lyricism one hears in his guitar so ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Guitarist David Peterson co-leads with piano man Lee Kohler and bassist Rob along for a collection of originals with Brent Jensen/sax and John Bishop/dr. The team weaves between post bop and sublime samba here, with the latter swaying gorgeously with Jensen's tenor on "I Need You Too" and Peterson leading the way on "Danza." Piano and guitar hover ...

All About Jazz (Peter Hoetjes )
4-STARS The Peterson-Kohler Collective is a marriage of both familial and Northwestern musicians. John Bishop, drummer and co-founder of Origin Records, unites guitarist Dave Peterson with his cousins, Lee and Rob Kohler, who play piano and bass, respectively. Also joining the group is the versatile saxophonist Brent Jensen. From the sense of isol ...

Jazz Journal (UK) (Fred Grand)
Montana cousins David Peterson and Lee and Rob Kohler went their separate ways 45 years ago after high school. Peterson, a guitarist under the spell of Abercrombie and Metheny, has subsequently performed with an impressive list of contemporary giants including Art Lande, Paul McCandless and Dave Friesen, while the Kohlers are part of a large Northw ...





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