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John Bishop

One can hear many influences in Bishop's playing, including more than a touch of Elvin, but he is clearly an original voice...
Percussive Arts Society

As a drummer, educator, record label owner, graphic designer, publisher, and festival presenter, John Bishop has been one of the primary voices in Northwest Jazz for over 40 years. He has performed in concerts and clubs with Hal Galper, Lee Konitz, Slide Hampton, Benny Golson, Jessica Williams, Ernestine Anderson, Bobby Hutcherson, Dr. Lonnie Smith, Julian Priester, Buddy DeFranco, Sonny Fortune, and countless others. He's appeared on more than 100 albums, was inducted into the Seattle Jazz Hall of Fame in 2008, and was named a "Jazz Hero" by the Jazz Journalists Association in 2019.

Bishop has recorded 7 albums and toured internationally with New York pianist Hal Galper's Trio over the past 15 years. Other ongoing projects include: SCENES, a 23 year-old group with saxophonist Rick Mandyck, guitarist John Stowell & bassist Jeff Johnson, and the Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters Group, a Belgian/American project, for over a decade.

"John Bishop, in his unobtrusive precision, makes you think of Lewis Nash. All Bishop does is swing his ass off." - STEREOPHILE Magazine

For 20 years, he was a member of the piano trio New Stories along with pianist Marc Seales and bassist Doug Miller. They had 4 CDs of their own, 6 with the late be-bop saxophonist Don Lanphere, and a Grammy-nominated RCA recording with Mark Murphy. They were a house trio for 17 years at Bud Shank's Pt. Townsend Jazz Festival, headlined the 1993 JVC Jazz Festival in Vladivostok, Russia, appeared in concert with Tom Harrell, Sonny Fortune, Charles McPherson, Vincent Herring, Nick Brignola, Conte Condoli, Bobby Shew & Larry Coryell, and regularly appeared around the country by themselves or touring with Mark Murphy or Ernie Watts. "Highway Blues," from their 1999 recording, "Speakin' Out," was the sample music embedded in Windows XP, which sold over 700 million copies.

"The New Stories trio is likewise nothing less than extraordinary. Drummer John Bishop, particularly, is one of the finest on the scene." - Jazz Review

He's taught drums privately for 45 years and was on the faculty at the University of Washington from 2005-2009. He regularly does drum and jazz workshops throughout the country, including events with Hal Galper at the University of North Texas, University of Indiana, Dartmouth, The New School, Purchase Conservatory-NYC, University of Louisville, San Jose State University, The Jazz School-Berkeley, and the University of Colorado, among others.

In 1997, Bishop started Origin Records (named Jazzweek's 2009 "Label Of The Year") and OriginArts, a graphic design & CD production company, to help further the exposure of creative artists and their music. In partnership with his ex-drum student, Matt Jorgensen, they have released 750 recordings by 370 artists from around the world. In 2002 they added another jazz label, OA2 Records, a classical imprint, Origin Classical in 2008, and in 2003 began Seattle's annual Ballard Jazz Festival. Bishop has designed 800 CD packages and multiple book covers, banners, posters, and other graphics for clients around the globe.


Jared Hall
Origin 82898

John Bishop
Origin 82883

Benjamin Boone
Origin 82879

Brent Jensen
Origin 82821

Benjamin Boone
Origin 82808

Origin 82807

Hal Galper Trio
Origin 82793

Peterson-Kohler Collective
Origin 82787

Thomas Marriott
Origin 82765

Hal Galper Quartet featuring Jerry Bergonzi
Origin 82751

Emi Meyer
Origin 82742

Origin 82736

Tom Collier
Origin 82703

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters
Origin 82683

Hal Galper
Origin 82670

Origin 82657

Hal Galper Trio
Origin 82628

Chad McCullough Bram Weijters
Origin 82626

Hal Galper
Origin 82602

Wellstone Conspiracy
Origin 82600

Origin 82594

Chad McCullough & Bram Weijters
Origin 82584

Thomas Marriott
Origin 82577

Richard Cole
Origin 82575

Hadley Caliman | Pete Christlieb
Origin 82569

Wellstone Conspiracy
Origin 82560

Hal Galper
Origin 82557

Origin 82555

Chad McCullough
Origin 82535

Brent Jensen w/ Bill Anschell, Jeff Johnson, John Bishop
Origin 82493

Richard Cole
Origin 82492

Hal Galper / Jeff Johnson / John Bishop
Origin 82476

Thomas Marriott
Origin 82474

Origin 82470

Bill Anschell
Origin 82469

John Bishop
Origin 82455

Brent Jensen
Origin 82453

Ben Thomas
Origin 82448

Thomas Marriott
Origin 82442

Tom Collier
Origin 82436

New Stories
Origin 82434

Brent Jensen / Rob Walker Quintet
Origin 82427

Deardorf / Peterson Group
Origin 82425

Don Lanphere
Origin 82410

Various Artists
Origin 82408

Lynn Bush with New Stories
Origin 82394

Don Lanphere with New Stories
Origin 82391

John Bishop with Jeff Johnson, Rick Mandyck, John Stowell
Origin 82390

Ben Black
Origin 82387

Marius Nordal
Origin 82383

Ben Thomas
Origin 82381

New Stories
Origin 82372

Richard Cole
Origin 82366

Don Lanphere and Pete Christlieb
Origin 82363

Marius Nordal
Origin 82361

New Stories
Origin 82359

John Bishop
Origin 82358

Mike Denny Rick Mandyck Jeff Johnson John Bishop
Origin 82357

New Stories
Origin 82356

Cheryl Fisher
OA2 Records 22133

The Vocal Jazz Collective
OA2 Records 22068

Jeff Baker
OA2 Records 22056

Paul West / Mark Brown
OA2 Records 22041

Jeff Baker
OA2 Records 22031

Amy Stephens
OA2 Records 22021

Jeff Baker
OA2 Records 22019



For more information about John Bishop, please visit: http://www.johnbishop.net.


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