Ben Patterson

Push the Limits

Origin 82817


Patterson displays creativity as a soloist and arranger...and a technical virtuosity that is quite impressive.
Trombone Journal

Trombonist Ben Patterson's fiery technique and expansive compositional vision combine for a thrilling quintet session of 10 wide-ranging originals. From the opening title tune, a master-class in form and fire with tight ensemble passages and soaring solos, to the straight-ahead, Messengers-esque "Suits Me Fine," Patterson unveils thoroughly compelling vehicles for his Washington, DC-based group. All inspired soloists and master musicians, Patterson features guitarist Shawn Purcell, pianist Chris Ziemba, Paul Henry on bass and drummer Todd Harrison.

Track Listing:

1. Push The Limits 10:12
2. Alternate Reality 8:16
3. Easter Waltz 6:10
4. Fear Is The Mind-Killer 7:22
5. Hope 6:16
6. Suits Me Fine 6:48
7. Almost There 9:30
8. Alone Time 6:05
9. Road Trip 6:14
10. Scoish 7:07

All songs by Ben Patterson (Pro Jazz Charts/ASCAP)


Ben Patterson - trombone
Shawn Purcell - Guitar
Chris Ziemba - Piano, Fender Rhodes, Keyboards
Paul Henry - Bass
Todd Harrison - Drums, Percussion
Dani Cortaza - Nylon String Guitar (9)

Production Info:

Produced by Ben Patterson, Rich Sigler, and Bob Dawson
Recorded & mixed by Bob Dawson at BIAS Studios, Springfield, VA
Recorded on September 14 & 15, 2020
Mastered by Mike Monseur at BIAS Studios, Springfield, VA
Photos by Kevin Burns
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Push the Limits

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
A spark plug in several big bands of long standing, the bone man really fans the flames when he kicks it out on his star turns with his own crews. Opening this proceeding with an original 10 minute tour de force, Patterson brings it hot and heavy making his mark and tattooing your ears. A really fierce cat that ain't afraid to use his claws. Ho ...

All About Jazz (Jack Bowers)
It took no more than a quick Google search to find that every member of trombonist Ben Patterson's quintet is (or was) also a member of the U.S. Air Force's flagship jazz ensemble, the Airmen of Note. On Push the Limits, Patterson challenges his fellow airmen to cruise through ten of his elaborate compositions and arrangements, a mission they carry ...

Jazz'halo (Belgium) (Georges Tonla Briquet)
As the title suggests, trombonist Ben Patterson does not really break through all boundaries on his latest CD, but the way in which he knows how to alternate swing and bop and seamlessly merge them into each other commands respect. An extremely colorful program that he wrote together for a combination of guitar, keys, bass, drums and trombone. T ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Trombonist and leader Ben Patterson slides on a variety of base paths with his team of Shawn Purcell/g, Chris Ziemba/key, Paul Henry/b and Todd Harrison/dr through a mix of originals. Dan Cortaza brings his nylon strings to the nimble gallop of "Road Trip", while for a handful of the tunes, you feel like you're taking in a modern take of the Jazz M ...

Phil's Picks (Editor)
The year that was 2020 was a pivotal period for trombonist and jazz artist Ben Patterson. That is because he saw so much change in his own career throughout the year. After more than two decades as a member of the United States Air Force Band's Airmen of Note (as well as its lead trombonist and musical director), Patterson stepped down from the p ...





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