Ben Patterson

The Way of the Groove

Origin 82853


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His ability to weave extraordinary lines at any speed in all registers is exemplary, but when we get into his ability to craft a wonderful arrangement as well as write a captivating original to his musical persona, we start to get the whole picture: Ben Patterson is a complete musician.
Steve Wiest

Combining a quest for memorable melodies with his love of music that grooves and makes people move, trombonist Ben Patterson channels the likes of The Crusaders, The Brecker Brothers, and Herbie Hancock in creating this set of new original music. With strong helpings of funk, reggae, blues-shuffle, and the DC area's indigenous go-go beat, Patterson's band favorably recalls the R&B-based jazz recordings that filled the US pop, R&B, and jazz airplay charts in the '70s. Patterson features his working band of guitarist Shawn Purcell, pianist/B-3 organist/keyboardist Harry Appelman, Paul Henry on bass and drummer Todd Harrison, along with a guest appearance by saxophonist Luis Hernandez.

"A CD full of action scenes and grooves without hip gimmicks..."
Jazz'halo (Belgium)

Track Listing:

1. Anniversary Patio 7:38
2. Here Now 6:50
3. FLT 7:49
4. Stank Face 6:03
5. The Lucky One 6:47
6. The Way of the Groove 7:09
7. What Happens Next? (Intro) 2:02
8. What Happens Next? 8:15
9. This and That 7:16
10. Hangin' 6:48

All compositions by Ben Patterson
(Pro Jazz Charts, ASCAP)


Ben Patterson - trombone
Shawn Purcell - guitar
Luis Hernandez - tenor saxophone (1,4,6,8)
Harry Appelman - Hammond B3 organ, piano, synthesizers
Paul Henry - acoustic & electric bass
Todd Harrison - drums, percussion
Evan Reiger, Shawn Purcell, Ben Patterson - vocals (8)

Production Info:

Produced by Ben Patterson, Rich Sigler, Bob Dawson
Recorded & mixed by Bob Dawson
at BIAS Studios, Springfield, VA
Recorded February 15-16, 2022
Mastered by Mike Monseur
at Axis Audio, Nashville, TN
Edited by Rich Sigler
Photos by Kevin Burns
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of The Way of the Groove

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Big-toned trombonist Ben Patterson digs in deep with his team of Shawn Purcell/g, Harry Appelman/B3-p-synth, Paul Henry/b, Todd Harrison/dr, Luis Hernandez/ts and even joins in the vocals with Evan Reiger and Purcell. His horn fills the room on his solo intro to "What Happens Next" before Henry's electric bass takes the team into the world of soulf ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Not only is Patterson a high octane bone man, he seems to want to give us a cavalcade of all the best of commercial 70s jazz all at once. An original date with crafty, catchy melodies that walk the tightrope of art and commerce successfully, when he jumps out at you - you better be ready. Trust me on this one, poppa loves his work. Killer stuff. ...

Trombone Journal (Peter Tijerina)
If you are looking for a single collection of fresh, new, groove-based tunes and are a fan of jazz, funk, and rock, look no further than "The Way of the Groove." Ben Patterson, a master trombonist, composer, arranger, and former long-serving member of the Airmen of Note, brings forth a delightful album with his latest release. Featuring all origina ...

All About Jazz (Dan Bilawsky)
4-STARS Ben Patterson is well versed in the way of the groove. The veteran trombonist, best known for his lengthy stint with the Airmen of Note, uses this date to deliver some hip yet sophisticated work that leans on funky foundations, driving ambitions and glorious grit. Showcasing his impressive slide work alongside a positively electric outfit, ...

Take Effect (Staff)
The esteemed trombonist Ben Patterson tips his hat to legends like The Crusaders, The Brecker Brothers and Herbie Hancock across these 10 diverse songs, where Shawn Purcell (guitar, vocals), Luis Hernandez (tenor sax), Harry Appelman (Hammond B3, piano, synth), Paul Henry (acoustic, electric bass), Todd Harrison (drums, percussion) and Evan Reiger ...

International Trombone Association Journal (Jett Walker, Texas State University)
Composer, arranger, band leader, and former member of Airmen of Note (the premier jazz ensemble of the U.S. Air Force), trombonist Ben Patterson presents the release of his second album in just two years. It features returning collaborators Purcell, Henry, and Harrison, who recorded on Patterson's previous album, along with new contributors Hernand ...





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