David Friesen

Day of Rest

Origin 82833


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...melodies are tossed around, now feather-light and wispy as cirrus clouds; or melodies that turn dense with sonic narratives, like foreboding cumulonimbus clouds.
Raul da Gama

Those acquainted with legendary bassist David Friesen's music can easily resubmerge themselves into his creative universe when experiencing a new performance. Ocean-deep in his sensitivity to the human spirit, Friesen is compassionate and his music founded on integrity and the pursuit of excellence. Though he's recorded numerous times on piano as an added voice to his compositions and bass playing, Day of Rest is the first where he's moved the piano to the front as his sole method of expression. The program of 20 short vignettes, composed and improvised, offers another deep dive into Friesen's unique world, and in this case, some moments of peaceful reassurance, a day of rest.

Track Listing:

1. Backward Glance 2:18
2. Day Dream 1:43
3. Goal in Mind 2:32
4. Green Hills Slowly Passing By 1:50
5. Remembering the Moment 2:12
6. Day of Rest 2:17
7. Distant Shores 3:10
8. Everything We Are 2:08
9. In the Moment 3:23
10. Lovely Lady 3:18
11. Meaningful 4:21
12. Mindful of Your Tears 1:50
13. My Dance 2:36
14. My Dog Ellie 2:00
15. Place of Point 2:47
16. Shining Star 2:31
17. Song For Tristan 1:51
18. Time Never Ends 3:08
19. Unfolding 2:59
20. Going Forth 4:46

All music composed by David Friesen - Color Pool Music (BMI)/Bug Music-BMG Chrysalis


DAVID FRIESEN - Ravenscroft Grand Piano

Production Info:

Produced by David Friesen
Recorded by Rob Moore at Ravenscroft Studios, Carefree, AZ
on February 4-5, 2020
Mastered by Dana White, Specialized Mastering, Portland, OR
Paintings by David Friesen
Photographs by David Friesen
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Day of Rest

All About Jazz (Dam McClenaghan)
4-STARS Boasting a forty-year career in music, bassist & composer David Friesen found a home at Origin Records in 2014, with his Where The Light Falls, featuring his Circle 3 Trio and guest guitarist Larry Koonse. He has, in the ensuing years, created his finest art for the label, mostly in small groups—duos and trios, and also a solo outing—i ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
The bass man makes a solo piano set on a Ravenscroft piano where all the tracks are solo miniatures that seem improvised but probably have a ton of composition behind them. It's just that he makes it all look and sound so easy. You try and duplicate it! Call it a throw back to new age piano solo if you need to but it really is instrumental music ...

JazzTimes (Dan Bilawsky)
Bassist David Friesen often goes to his secondary instrument—the piano—to add new dimensions in color and texture to his recordings. But completely putting aside his main axe to focus on musing from the bench, as he does on this outing, is a step beyond the norm. Patiently working his fingers around a welcoming Ravenscroft grand, Friesen create ...

Take Effect Reviews (Tom Haugen)
David Friesen is most known for his esteemed work on bass, where he's occasionally sprinkled piano into the equation. Here, though, his bass is absent, as he brings us his first recording with the piano front and center for the entire journey. "Backward Glance" starts the listen with elegant, flowing key work that's quite warm and cozy, as Frie ...





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