David Friesen Circle 3 Trio

Where the Light Falls

Origin 82677


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Everything the trio plays is colored with a pronounced individuality. The harmonic depth, intense rhythm and subtle interaction they employ mesmerizes an audience.
DownBeat Magazine

One of the most prolific and influential jazz bassists over the past four decades, David Friesen presents here his latest touring project, the Circle 3 Trio. This two-disc package captures his dynamic group in live performances from Tempe, AZ and Portland, OR, and from a studio session in Osnabruck, Germany. Friesen is joined by pianist Greg Goebel, drummer Charlie Doggett, and on several tracks from their Tempe performance, guitarist Larry Koonse.

"The David Friesen compositions are all gorgeous, rich and accessible, each tune more beautiful than the first..." - Jazz Clubscene

Track Listing:

Disc One
1. Playground 6:25
2. Dance With Me 3:41
3. Left Field Blues 7:39
4. A Road Less Travelled 5:23
5. Sailing 4:45
6. Green Hills Slowly Passing By 5:36
7. Zebra 7:16
8. Unfolding 6:04
9. Dark Resolve 4:36
10. Day of Rest 6:15

Disc Two
1. Stepping Stones 6:57
2. Reaching For the Stars 5:56
3. Counterpart 8:37
4. Song For Ben 6:54
5. Overland 5:41
6. Blue 10 6:08
7. Contours 5:33
8. My Dance 3:55
9. Tribute 8:21


David Friesen - Bass
Greg Goebel - Piano
Charlie Doggett - Drums
Larry Koonse - Electric Guitar (CD1: 1,3,5,7,10 / CD2: 2,4,6,9)

Production Info:

Produced by David Friesen
One (2,8,9) Two (8) - Recorded & Mixed by Stephan Van Wylick / Fattoria Musica, Osnabruck, Germany, March 18, 2013
One (1,3,5,7,10) Two (2,4,6,9) - Recorded by Peter Swann / live at Tempe Performing Arts Center, Tempe, Arizona, April 2013
One (4,6) Two (1,3,5,7) - Recorded live at Portland Piano Co., Portland, Oregon, January 25, 2014
Recorded & Mixed by Peter Swann & David Friesen
Post Production & Mastering by Dana White / Specialized Mastering, Portland, Oregon
Photography by David Friesen
Inside photo of David Friesen by an anonymous photographer, Cheng Du, China 2014
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Where the Light Falls

Jazz Society of Oregon (Lynn Darroch)
Ever since the late 1960s, Portland bassist and composer David Friesen has been an important part of jazz in the Pacific Northwest. He cut his teeth in Seattle's avant-garde coffee house scene, a period he documented recently in another two disc set titled "..." In the 1970s, often in company with guitarist John Stowell, Friesen pioneered an app ...

Bop-N-Jazz (Brent Black)
Widely acknowledged as one of the finest bass players over the last forty years, David Friesen's Circle 3 Trio and Where the Light Falls may be his finest release yet. Remember melody? Improvisational music was built around the strength of melody long before meter and technique moved to the head of the class. Friesen never forgot melody, he man ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
For my money, Friesen doesn't record enough solo/leader dates so this twofer shows that there isn't too much of a good thing where Friesen recordings are concerned. Culled form several live dates, Friesen's touring trio delivers the goods throughout with some great sitting down jazz listening that never eases up on the pedal. It doesn't have to ...

Amazon (Mark Klafter )
At the ripe age of 72 David Friesen has achieved a major breakthrough with Where the Light Falls. He is an artist who has labored intensely and compassionately for a lifetime in the jazz harvest, inspiring and teaching many the joys of music, and he is reaping his bounty now. Joined by his Circle 3 Trio mates Greg Goebel on piano and Charlie Dogget ...

CD Hotlist (Rick Anderson)
Joined by pianist Greg Goebel and drummer Charlie Doggett, legendary bassist/composer David Friesen presents here a two-disc set of live and studio recordings comprised entirely of originals, all of them in a generally straight-ahead but harmonically adventurous style. Guitarist Larry Koonse pitches in on about half of the tracks as well, and those ...

Downbeat (Scott Yanow)
David Friesen is a superb bassist with a large attractive sound, superior technique and the ability to uplift any session he is on, whether as a leader or a sideman. On Where The Light Falls, the 2012 Jazz Society of Oregon Hall of Famer is accompanied by his regular trio, consisting of the fluent and consistently creative pianist Greg Goebel and t ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
The romantic and lyrical Circle 3 Trio of David Friesen/b, Greg Goebel/p and Charlie Doggett puts together a 2 disc set of studio and concert material, which also includes a healthy dose of LA’s best, guitarist Larry Koonse. The team is able to create some lively tunes like the Metheny-esque 5/4 dance “Playground” and the skating “Overland ...

Ancient Victorys (Chris Lunn)
Friesen's talent only grows and widens the jazz idiom. I was lucky enough to hear the trio appearing on this CD at the Jerry Heldmand CD release and life celebration last year. "Playground" is a live shot with with the guitarist Larry Koonse added, and they are just having fun, dancing light joyful. Pianist Goebel has lyrical explosions, and the ...

Louisville Music News (Martin Z. Kasdan Jr.)
David Friesen's working trio, with pianist Greg Goebel and drummer Charlie Doggett, has released a 2-disc live set, with guest guitarist Larry Koonse on nine of the nineteen tracks. The trio tracks are from a 2013 set in Germany and a 2014 set in Portland, OR, with Koonse added for a 2013 date in Tempe, AZ. On disc, the songs switch back and forth ...

Jazziz ()
Veteran Portland bassist and composer David Friesen is a vital part of the Pacific Northwest jazz scene, and has recorded with the disparate likes of Stan Getz and Sam Rivers, Woody Shaw and Mal Waldron. Now, at age 72, he's released a two-disc set of original music, captured live with his Circle 3 Trio in performances in Oregon and Arizona, and i ...

Cadence (Don Lerman)
Bassist/composer David Friesen's recent 2-CD volume contains almost two hours of consistently excellent music. The music is taken from three sources, a studio session (in Germany) and two live performances (in Tempe and Portland). Ten of the nineteen total selections were done by Friesen's "Circle 3 Trio" from the studio session and the Portlan ...

Jazz Scan (Ric Bang)
In the beginning, the acoustic bass was a key instrument in the rhythm section: one that set, and helped maintain, a steady "beat" in the orchestra or combo in which it was used. It rarely was used to play a melodic line, unless a bow was involved. But that changed as time passed; the instrument evolved, and the artists' skills improved. Today, you ...

MULTIKULTI PROJECT (Poland) (Andrew Majak)
The influential Downbeat Magazine wrote about the disc "Whatever the game is a trio impresses with its multicolored diversity, and strongly marked musical personalities lend stigma original music. The depth of the harmonic solutions, intense rhythm, perfect, refined in detail the cooperation of musicians hypnotizes the audience ." Led by the e ...





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