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'Contradictio' feeds from tradition - evoking Galicia, Paris, New York - although it does not stop to search for limits but tries to reach for infinity.
Javier Fraiz, Faro de Vigo

From the Galicia region of Spain, saxophonist Xose Miguélez celebrated the traditional melodies of his family, viewed through a modern jazz lens, for the 2019 release Ontology. On Contradictio, Miguélez features the virtuosic French pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, and the music they've been developing together over the last several years with the Portugal-based rhythm team of bassist Carlos Barretto and drummer Marcos Cavaleiro. Together, they deliver prominently contemporary timbres within an organic classic jazz setting. Through a mixture of standards, originals by Miguélez, and a Pilc original dedicated to Galicia, the music unfolds with a spontaneity and life that inspires feelings of a live music experience.

Track Listing:

1. Meniña 6:38
2. You and the Night and the Music 6:00
3. Ontology 5:10
4. Contradictio 5:53
5. Someday My Monk Will Come 3:09
6. But Not for Me 7:00
7. Soul and Body 8:11
8. Out of Nowhere 5:40
9. Galicia 4:45
10. Ontology (Duo Version) 4:42


Xose Miguélez - tenor saxophone
Jean-Michel Pilc - piano
Marcos Cavaleiro - drums
Carlos Barretto - double bass

Production Info:

Produced by Xose Miguélez & Jean-Michel Pilc
Recorded by José Trincado & Nuno Couto
at CARA-OJM Studios, Matosinhos, Portugal
November 27-28, 2021
Mixed & mastered by José Trincado
at Savik Sound, Galicia, Spain
Artwork by Ana Tenorio
Photograph by Alexandra Almeida
Typography by Marcos Dopico
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Contradictio

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
If modern Havana still has back streets like in "Godfather II", this sounds like what those sounds would probably sound like. As the label moves out of it's traditional comfort zones for a date recorded in Portugal, the world wise colorations make a nifty change of pace in the label's generally impeccable canon. With passages that could easily be ...

B!ritmos (Spain) ( Candido Querol )
The Galician composer and saxophonist Xose Miguélez is immersed in the presentation of this new album. You told me that you have given enough interviews to be a rather minority music for yours. What do you think is the reason? I hope it's because the album is being liked a lot. Perhaps also the fact that my previous work, Ontology Origin records, ...

Abrete de Orellas (Spain) (Pepe Cunha )
Following the magnificent "Ontology" (2019) is linked to it through the piece that was titled and that here is reinvented in two versions: in quartet and duet with pianist Jean-Michel Pilc, co-producer of the album. Porén, if not a previous work or saxophonist composed from traditional melodies and oozed more from studio work, "Contradictio" aims ...

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)
The Spain native Xose Miguélez brings his inimitable saxophone playing to this worldly listen, where Jean-Michel Pilc, Marcos Cavaleiro and Carlos Barretto are along for the occasion. "Meniña" starts the listen with a traditional Galician song, where Barretto's precisely plucked double bass and Miguélez's soulful sax help cultivate a very cu ...

All About Jazz (Jane Kozhevnikova)
After an album of Spanish-flavored original tunes, Ontology (Origin Records, 2019), Galicia-based saxophone Xose Miguélez releases Contradictio. Alongside Miguélez, the album features Jean-Michel Pilc on piano, Carlos Barretto on bass and Marcos Cavaleiro on drums. Both Miguélez and Pilc are listed as the album producers. The forceful energy of ...





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