Michael Bisio & Timothy Hill

Inside Voice / Outside Voice

Origin 82872


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...something new, something different...tonal washes of unforgettable warmth and density. This is outstandingly good music. Do not hesitate.
Gregory Applegate Edwards

From classical music, a certain rigor in training and form, and respect for precedent; from jazz, spontaneity, invention and risk-taking; and from folk music, a resonance that rests in the bones and psyche and passes easily from one soul to another. Bassist Michael Bisio and guitarist/vocalist Timothy Hill have both lived in these lands. For these two, musical communication is not a matter of styles or genres, but of unique perspectives. This recording - made one afternoon in New York's Hudson Valley in one continuous, unedited take - was born out of affection for music and the magic that it makes, and for the musicians who have walked the not-always-easy path of dedication to their art. Included are three ballads from the Great American Songbook, and three standards by giants of improvised music: John Coltrane, Ornette Coleman, and bassist Henry Grimes.

"(Timothy Hill is) a virtuoso of the Tibetan chanting technique..." Robert Palmer, New York Times

"The physicality of Mr. Bisio's bass playing puts him in touch with numerous predecessors in the avant-garde but his expressive touch is distinctive..." Nate Chinen, New York Times

Track Listing:

1. Wise One 8:28
2. My One and Only Love 7:21
3. Transfigure 2:31
4. Law Years 7:40
5. I Fall in Love Too Easily 6:20
6. Hearsay 1:40
7. For Django 5:31
8. Bridge 1:58
9. For All We Know 8:03


Michael Bisio - bass
Timothy Hill - voice, guitar

Production Info:

Produced by Michael Bisio and Timothy Hill
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Dave Cook
at Area 52 Studios, Saugerties, NY
Recording date: March 31, 2022
Cover image: Tim Wilson / personamedia
still from Fez Festival of World Sacred Music / Vision TV (Canada)
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Inside Voice / Outside Voice

Applegate Blog (Grego Applegate Edwards)
As we play out our lives in real time we trace the unfolding trajectory of the musical artists we gladly follow, so that each new album for example is not set in stone but plays upon the possibilities made available to the musical artist at any given point. In the case of bassist-bandleader Michael Bisio the new one is rather unexpected and in no w ...

WTJU (Russell Perry)
Bassist Michael Bisio (Matthew Shipp, Kirk Knuffke, Whit Dickey) and guitarist / singer Timothy Hill have released a very idiosyncratic disc with equal parts ballads from the Great American Songbook (For All We Know, I Fall in Love To Easily), classics of the edges of modern jazz (Coltrane's Wise One, Ornette's Law Years, Henry Grimes's For Django) ...

Jazz Views (UK) (Ed Sapiega)
This is a very intriguing album. The two artists blend elements of classical, jazz, and folk music. Bisio is a melodic and immensely talented bassist. Listing Hill as "voice" is too simplistic. He sings and chants as a lead and as an accompaniment. The Tibetan chanting, referred to as throat singing, coupled with a jazz bass gives this album an ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Michael Bisio's bass joins with Timothy Hill's guitar and voice on a surprisingly wide range of moods and colors for two to share. The gents create a musical gallery of sorts, with minimalism on "Bridge" featuring Bisio's lonely and lovely bass, while John Coltrane's "Wise One" has Hill's voice sounding like a Tibetan Monk chant. Instrumentally, th ...

Something Else! ( S. Victor Aaron )
Bassist Michael Bisio and acoustic guitarist/vocalist Timothy Hill recently got together to make a delightful, instinctive record that neither could have made with anyone else. Recorded as a single continuous take without any edits, Inside Voice / Outside Voice (Origin Records) is a communion between two seasoned souls who have each led long, va ...

The Absolute Sound (Derk Richardson)
Covering standards can be risky business, especially when someone has previously put an indelible stamp on a tune, the way Johnny Hartman and John Coltrane did on "My One and Only Love" and Chet Baker on "I Fall in Love Too Easily." But on this cleverly titled recording with Michael Bisio, singer/guitarist Timothy Hill takes possession of those ...

Chronogram (Peter Aaron)
The title of this heart-stopping collaboration by Gloversville bassist Michael Bisio (Matthew Shipp Trio) and Beacon vocalist and acoustic guitarist Timothy Hill is rich in layered meaning. Recorded in one continuous take—with no edits or pauses—this sublime set takes its sweet, soft time meandering through jazz standards (Coleman's "Law Years, ...

Downtown Music Gallery, NYC (Bruce Lee Gallanter)
Featuring Michael Bisio on contrabass and Timothy Hill on voice & guitar. This disc came in the mail last month and I was intrigued since Michael Bisio is one the best contrabassists of the ongoing Downtown Scene. No doubt that you should know his work with Matt Shipp, Joe McPhee and Kirk Knuffke. Guitarist and vocalist Timothy Hill is someone I do ...

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)
Timothy Hill brings his vocals and guitar to Michael Bisio's bass for these avant-garde influenced jazz songs that welcome 3 originals, as well as interpretations of 3 ballads and 3 improvised classics. "Wise One" opens the listen with soft bass plucking and atmospheric guitar playing in the very minimal climate, and "My One And Only Love" follo ...

Jazz'n'More (Switzerland) (Jürg Solothurnmann)
Atmospheric moments with voice, guitar and double bass. The New York bassist Michael Bisio is particularly known for his long-standing musical partnership with Matthew Shipp and Joe McPhee. But he has also achieved a lot as a leader since the 1990s. The fairly younger Timothy Hill is a colleague of the well-known overtone singer David Hykes. In his ...





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