Wil Swindler

Universe B

OA2 22075


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...there is major-league musicianship present in abundance.
Bill Kirchner

A unique collection of music from a remarkable ensemble, 2008 Gil Evans Fellowship winner Wil Swindler presents his Elevenet, featuring some less traditional sounds (bass clarinet, alto flute, euphonium and French horn) to augment the more traditional horn and rhythm sections. With the power of a big band and the intimacy of a jazz quartet, or even a classical chamber ensemble, Swindler masterfully combines the possibilities for a recording of compelling art-music that is somehow honestly fun!

Track Listing:

1. Universe B 4:52
2. She's Too Conflicted 7:44
3. The Equestrian Pedestrian 10:39
4. Miles Ahead 3:47
5. Glass 11:20
6. A Flower is a Lovesome Thing 7:33
7. Wowbagger 6:50
8. Blue Jay Way 12:10


WIL SWINDLER - alto/soprano saxophones
PETER SOMMER - tenor saxophone (1,3-8)
RICKY SWEUM - tenor saxophone (2)
APRIL JOHANNESEN - bass clarinet/clarinet
ART BOUTON - alto flute/flute
DAWN KRAMER - trumpet (2*,4-7*)
AL HOOD - trumpet/fluegelhorn (1*,3*,7,8*)
*lead trumpet
GABRIEL MERVINE - trumpet/fluegelhorn (1-6,8)
DARREN KRAMER - trombone (1-6,8)
TOM BALL - euphonium (7)
JASON JOHNSTON - French horn
DANA LANDRY - piano/Rhodes
ERIK APPLEGATE - acoustic bass
TODD REID - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Wil Swindler
Session produced by Stephen Smith
Recorded by Mario Casilio at
Notably Fine Audio, Denver, CO
March 11-12, 2010
Mixed by Wil Swindler and Colin Bricker
at Notably Fine Audio, Denver, CO
Mastered by Phil Bulla at
Platinum Productions, Monroe, NY
Cover photograph by April Johannesen
Live photography by Ian Hutchison
Design and layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Universe B

Jazz Society of Oregon (George Fendel)
I'd think this type of ensemble would be a huge kick for all the players. Imagine you're a well-schooled reader and sit down in your section to play charts with a Gil Evans kind of vapor. That's what Swindler has here. The only musician with whom I'm familiar is the startlingly good trumpet/flugelhorn player, Al Hood. He's from Denver, so I assume ...

Jazz Society of Oregon (Kyle O'Brien)
Saxophonist/composer Swindler's band isn't quite a big band ... call it a medium band. But its eleven members create a wall of sound, with the added textures of bass clarinet, alto flute, euphonium and French horn to make it interesting. From the get-go Swindler, the 2008 Gil Evans Fellowship winner, sets up the band as his tool for delivering smar ...

Cadence (David Kane)
Wil Swindler has produced a new CD, [Universe B], filled with sophisticated and beautiful small-big band music. I was knocked out by both the playing and, in particular, the writing. Although the music remains tonal throughout, the harmonic language is intriguingly complex while remaining utterly accessible. Swindler's writing evokes Gil Evans, wi ...

Berman Music (Tom Ineck)
Amid the dreck that arrives in the mail for our perusal there are occasional gems of such polished beauty that they demand acknowledgement, especially if they are by artists deserving of more recognition. Such is the case with Universe B, by Wil Swindler's Elevenet. Not exactly a household word, the Elevenet hearkens back to the days of Birth of th ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Wil Swindler, fresh off of a Gil Evans Fellowship endorsement, began putting together new pieces for his Elevenet in 2008. The key to the ensemble is the mix of fresh (and classic jazz-inspired) compositions with an interesting set of instruments. Rather than only using the standard horns, guitars, and such, Swindler invokes less common jazz sounds ...





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