Danny Green

After the Calm

OA2 22113

...richly engaging and utterly brilliant...
- CD Hotlist

Displaying a chemistry that borders on ESP, virtuoso pianist Danny Green and his Southern California-based trio, with Justin Grinnell on bass and Julien Cantelm on drums, breathes life into Green's intricate compositions. Ranging from hard grooving burners to lush and soulful ballads, Green's ten new works offer a sense of familiarity coupled with unexpected turns. According to Chuck Vecoli of Jazz Review, "Danny Green is what evolution in jazz is all about, expressing the traits of those that came before him with a style and panache that is all his own - an individual who expresses what is inside him."

Track Listing:

1. End of the Block 6:00
2. Thirty Springrolls Please 4:49
3. In A Dreamy State 7:11
4. Two Ways About It 8:16
5. Another One For You 5:46
6. Choro Pra Corrente 4:16
7. March of the Ghouls 5:52
8. After The Calm 5:49
9. Song For Hailey 5:26
10. I Got Kite 4:23


Danny Green - Piano
Justin Grinnell - Upright and Electric Bass
Julien Cantelm - Drums

Production Info:

Produced by Danny Green
Recorded, mixed & mastered by
Peter Sprague at SpragueLand, Encinitas, CA
February 23, March 2, and March 25, 2014
Cover images by Oleg Znamenskiy
Band Photo by Jon Naugle
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of After the Calm

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
San Diego-based pianist Danny Green's 2012 CD release, A Thousand Ways Home (Tapestry Records) was too much of a good thing. A lot of fine music, but the album as a whole was over the edge on the shuffle in-and-out guest artistic slots for those who prefer a more focused and cohesive recording. After the Calm, Green's debut on OA2 Records doe ...

San Diego Troubadour (Bart Mendoza)
10 jazz originals from pianist Danny Green accompanied by his compatriots, bassist Justin Grinell and drummer Julien Cantelm. This is no mere frontman with backing situation here, the three work as one, driving the songs, moving together as they enhance the composition. Ever see a flock of birds fly and swirl through the air in unison? Like that. ...

NBC San Diego (Robert Bush)
San Diego piano virtuoso Danny Green is one of the area's most technically accomplished musicians, and his trio -- with electric/acoustic bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm -- represents one of the tightest groups in local jazz history. Green's latest album, "After the Calm," was captured in high fidelity at SpragueLand Studi ...

Bop-N-Jazz (Brent Black)
There are hundreds of fine piano trios that dot the landscape across the country, most are not memorable and have the staying power of chewing gum. The Danny Green Trio continues to show exponential growth and Green is a talent that is as technically gifted as he is artistically brilliant. Ah the piano trio, improvisation's musical answer to ...

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
This is classic piano jazz trio work that falls so squarely in the pocket you're almost tempted to think this was a lost session from back in the day. With a set of all originals, the trio is right in step with each other turning in a set that's a tonic for weary ears. On the money throughout, if you don't like this, you just don't like piano t ...

JazzWax (Marc Myers)
San Diego jazz pianist Green sails through 10 lyrical originals with polish and elegance. He's backed here by bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm. Fortunately for us, Green's priorities start with ensuring that his chord voicings and lines always sound seductive rather than manic. A highly impressive album that will knock you out. ...

CD Hotlist (Rick Anderson)
Having raved about Danny Green's last album a couple of years ago, I'm now back to rave about his new one. As before, Green leads a trio that (in terms of tightness and communication) seems to share a single brain, though one with multiple creative lobes. Bassist Justin Grinnell is especially impressive here, delivering multiple solos that are wort ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Pianist Danny Green leads a lyrical and melodic trio with Justin Grinnell/b and Julien Cantelm/dr through some well conceived originals on this latest session. He's got a strong left hand, and uses it as a counter melody or a power forward in rhythm on pieces like the bopping "Two Ways About It" and "I Got Kite." His lyricism on "Another One For Yo ...

Jazziz (Bob Weinberg)
While many parents have to force their kids to practice piano, Danny Green's folks couldn't pry his fingers from the keyboard. However the Southern California native discontinued lessons at age 12 and taught himself by ear. After a couple of years woodshedding songs by Nirvana, he came under the spell of Afro-Cuban music. That led him to Brazilian ...

San Diego City Beat (Ben Salmon)
Danny Green is a skilled pianist, and his trio is rounded out by bassist Justin Grinnell and drummer Julien Cantelm. But they really ought to pick a true band name, because these three guys fit together seamlessly. They play jazz, and while it's far from avant-garde, it is complex, sharply composed and full of surprises. But together, Green, Grinn ...

Jazzflits (Netherlands) (Frank Huser)
'After The Calm' is the third album by pianist Danny Green. His first two releases were recorded with a combo. This album is a trio with Justin Grinell on electric bass and double bass and Julian Cantelm on drums, musicians who accompanied Green on the other recordings. Danny Green Trio is typical of contemporary piano trio jazz. Smooth compositi ...

San Diego Troubadour (Paul Hormick)
The Danny Green Trio has released their first CD, After the Calm, and it is one of the most engaging jazz recordings, or any type of recording for that matter, that I've heard in recent years. From the first time I put this CD in the disk player, I was absolutely drawn in by this dynamic and fresh music by these three talented musicians. The tr ...





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