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iTunes - $8.91 of the most brilliant and imaginative contemporary composers of mainstream jazz...stimulating and emotive original music with a rare blend of sophistication and organic spontaneity.
Chicago Jazz Magazine


Not a stranger to the idea of infusing one's art with examinations of societal conditions, Grammy-winning trumpeter Charlie Porter follows 2019's Immigration Nation with thoughts of how we act in hindsight to deal with the collateral damage of "progress" and the centuries-old struggles with racism, inequality and corruption. Born during the upheavals of 2020, Hindsight reflects the tumult, uncertainty, and fiery emotions of the times, yet with the recent birth of his son, and thoughts of how we're going to leave the planet for the next generation, his "For Ellis" closes the album with a gospel choir and a hymn of hope. Joining Porter on the wide-ranging set of originals are saxophonist Nick Biello, pianist Orrin Evans, guitarist Mike Moreno, bassists David Wong & Damian Erskine, Behn Gillece on vibes, drummer Kenneth Salters, along with several guest performers.

"Porter's playing is fluid, expressive, and magnificent." - DownBeat

Track Listing:

1. Tipping Point 5:49
2. Hindsight 7:00
3. Walking the Plank 6:51
4. Things Fall Apart 7:53
5. Requiem 7:38
6. In Short Supply 9:45
7. Going Viral 5:55
8. Paradise Lost 5:33
9. For Ellis 4:18

All music by Charlie Porter, Porter House Music (ASCAP)
(4) lyrics by Majid Khaliq
(6) lyrics by Madelaina Piazza


Charlie Porter - trumpet
Nick Biello - alto & soprano saxophones (1,6,8), keyboards (7,8)
Mike Moreno - guitar (3-6,8)
Behn Gillece - vibraphone (2,6)
Orrin Evans - piano/keyboards
David Wong - bass
Damian Erskine - fretless electric bass (4)
Kenneth Salters - drums
Jimmie Herrod - vocals (4,6)
Rasheed Jamal - rap vocals (6)
Majid Khaliq - violin (4)
Bassekou Kouyate - ngoni (African traditional guitar) (6)
Mahamadou Tounkara - ntama (African talking drum) (6)
Hallowed Halls Gospel Choir (9)

Production Info:

Executive Producer: Steve Alboucq / Produced by Nick Biello & Charlie Porter
Recorded by: Mike Marciano at Samurai Hotel, Astoria, NY on August 13-14, 2020;
Justin Phelps at The Hallowed Halls, Portland, OR on September 1, 2020;
Yaya Diarra at Studio Bogolan, Bamako, Mali on October 7, 2020
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Marciano at Systems Two, Long Island, NY
Cover painting: "Hindsight" by Mark Kostabi
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Hindsight

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
This high octane trumpet man never heard of laying out and here we find him trying to pack as many notes as possible into each byte, but it isn't blowing just for the sake of blowing. With some distinguished cats playing next to him just as hard, this is straight up jazz that gets you going. Always on point, this cat shows you the way to be a gas ...

All About Jazz (Paul Rauch)
4-STARS Portland based trumpeter/composer Charlie Porter is back, and following the trend industry wide over the past year, has released a finely crafted collection of pieces attached to a social narrative. Hindsight examines how we act in hindsight dealing with the long term societal struggles of racism, corruption and inequality. While two of th ...

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Trumpeter and composer Charlie Porter leads a lyrical post bop team of Nick Biello/sax-key, Mike Moreno/g, Behn Gillece/vib, Orrin Evans/key, David Wong/b, Damian Erskine/b, Kenneth Salters/dr and various guests through a wide variety of moods. The Hallowed Halls Gospel Choir, for instance brings a reverent mood to the thoughtful "For Ellis" while ...

Possessing a refined compositional style and immersive sound, trumpeter/composer Charlie Porter reflects on the present times through a mix of mainstream and neo-bop that deftly combines familiarity and surprise. Hindsight, Porter's third album as a leader, finds him navigating great textures and ambiances with a core quartet - featuring pianist Or ...

CirdecSongs (Cedric Hendrix)
Trumpeter Charlie Porter fronts a high-energy band performing compositions that may remind one of Dizzy Gillespie or Freddie Hubbard in a post-bop setting, with the occasional electric overtones. The compositions contain intricate melodies with nicely interwoven lead lines. The band's rhythm section continuously pushing the boundaries normally crea ...

All About Jazz (Hrayr Attarian)
4-STARS Trumpeter Charlie Porter has proved himself to be an inventive composer whose works are simultaneously thought-provoking and mellifluous. His third and perhaps most immediately relevant release, Hindsight, draws inspiration from the events that came to public attention in 2020. Musically, the nine originals are fluid yet complex and are pe ...

Debbie Burke Author (Debbie Burke)
Composer and trumpet player Charlie Porter has a new CD out that's inspired by the ordeal we've all gone through in the past year and, despite difficult obstacles and seemingly impossible odds, this new body of work manages to have come out shining with hope and optimism. An abundance of tracks and so many creative minds and instruments have meshed ...

Oregon Jazz Society (Tree Palmedo)
Catching up with Charlie Porter is bittersweet. The accomplished trumpeter, who in the past five years has become one of Portland's most in-demand musicians and prolific composers, is gearing up to return to New York for a while, starting this summer. "I was out there for 16 years, and I've been missing that scene," he says. "And the Portland sc ...

KUVO (Denver) (Arturo Gomez)
New Music Monday Trumpeter Charlie Porter exploded into the world of recorded jazz in 2018 with his initial CD that garnered rave reviews from listeners and writers alike. For his new recording, "Hindsight," Charlie composed all 9 entries displaying his versatility with different accompanists throughout this sizzling session. ...

Radio France (Alex Dutilh)
Né pendant les bouleversements de 2020, "Hindsight" du trompettiste et compositeur Charlie Porter paraît chez OA2. Il reflète le tumulte, l'incertitude et les émotions de l'époque. "L'un des compositeurs contemporains les plus brillants et imaginatifs dans le jazz mainstream ; une musique originale stimulante et émotive avec un rare mélan ...

Metal Jazz (Greg Burk)
Contemporary pandemic concept jazz from the Marsalis lineage by Grammy-winning trumpeter Porter, who serves up rushing Mingus bop, after-hours urban recumbency, theoretical fragmentation, a weary requiem -- all with assured polish and a nervous intellectual subcurrent. Recommended track: "In Short Supply," launched by Bassekou Kouyate's rippin blue ...





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