Dan Trudell

Fishin' Again: A Tribute to Clyde Stubblefield & Dr. Lonnie Smith

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A keyboardist of great invention and energy, Trudell does some of his most creative work at the Hammond B-3.
Chicago Tribune

Finding the common thread of unending groove, swing, and great fun from his experiences playing in a band with the mighty drummer Clyde Stubblefield, or hanging out with a major mentor figure, organist Dr. Lonnie Smith, Chicago organist Dan Trudell decided to celebrate both through these tunes he originally wrote for the band he led with Stubblefield. That the recording session ended up happening the day after the Dr.'s passing, their commitment to imbuing the music with the love, joy, and unbridled enthusiasm he always carried was without doubt. Drummer Dana Hall, guitarist Mike Standal, the horns of Pat Mallinger, John Wojciechowski and Joel Adams, and Trudell's slippery organ crackle with life through the straight-up funk of the title cut, the swamp groove of "Chocolate Martini," the swing-funk shout chorus of "Horse," or the intricate, off-kilter melody of "Holler Back" that unfolds into an inspired ride by Pat Mallinger on alto sax. Trudell's gratitude for the life and music lessons shared and experiences lived shines throughout Fishin' Again.

Track Listing:

1. Fishin' Again 10:38
2. Chocolate Martini 7:33
3. Hip Hop Bach 7:03
4. Horse 7:29
5. Holler Back 7:36
6. Glow Worm 7:54
7. Scream 11:10

All music composed & arranged by Dan Trudell (ASCAP), except:
(6) by Paul Lincke/Johnny Mercer/Lilla Robinson (Edward B. Marks Music Company)
(7) by Lonnie Smith


Dan Trudell - Hammond B3, keyboards, vocals
Mike Standal - guitar
Dana Hall - drums
Pat Mallinger - alto
John Wojciechowski - tenor
Joel Adams - trombone

Production Info:

Produced by Dan Trudell
Recorded by Mike Standal & Dan Trudell, live without overdubs
(1-6) Recorded September 29, 2021
at Hilltop Productions, Nippersink, WI
(7) Recorded June 16, 2019
at 210 Live, Highwood, IL
Mixed by Mike Standal
atStandal Studios, Milwaukee, WI
Mastered by Mike Standal & Ric Probst
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Fishin' Again: A Tribute to Clyde Stubblefield & Dr. Lonnie Smith

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Hammond B3 man Dan Trudell gives a tribute to fellow hummer Dr. Lonnie Smith and drummer Clyde Stubblefield on this fun and funky session with Mike Standal/g, Dana Hall/dr, Pat Mallinger/as, John Wojciechowski/ts and Joel Adams in mix and match mode.Trudell splashes the keys in funky fashion around Standal's fluid lines on the title track, with eve ...

Cirdec Songs (Cedric Hendrix)
If this album doesn't make you move, check your pulse. Keyboardist Dan Trudell has assembled a set of jams heavy on groove and "vocal" exposition. There's never any doubt that Trudell has captured the spirit of organ legend Lonnie Smith with his use of soulful single-note runs and Leslie-driven chords. But he also fires off killer dissonant chords ...

The New York City Jazz Record (Dan Bilawsky)
Chicago-based organist Dan Trudell isn't simply a fan of both the late funk drummer extraordinaire Clyde Stubblefield (who would have turned 80 this month) and organ guru Dr. Lonnie Smith: he led a band with the storied sticksmith and learned from the soulful mystic of the keys, developing friendships with these late great artists. He pays tribute ...

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The esteemed keyboardist Dan Trudell is no stranger to swing fun and groove filled song craft, and here be brings along Mike Standal, Dana Hall, Pat Mallinger, John Wojciechowski and Joel Adams for the energetic 7 tracks. The title track starts the listen with Trudell's agile keys alongside Wojciechowski's soulful tenor sax and Hall's frisky dru ...





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