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MUSIC REVIEW BY Fabio Ciminiera, Jazz Convention (Italy)


The name of the formation and the choice of the songs bring to mind the afternoons spent around the stereo listening to records with friends, alternating musical genres and preferences, classics and novelties, without a predetermined order if not to look at the covers of the thirty-three laps and pass the various vinyls on the plate.

Heard and Seen, the work done by Leonard Patton, Danny Green, Justin Grinnell and Julien Cantelm under the acronym "LP and the Vinyl", offers a decidedly fitting representation of all this. And then there is the sense of the encounter between different artistic experiences, the intention of the synthesis between musical languages ​​that are part of so much jazz.

Let's go in order. First of all, training. The quartet was born from Leonard Patton's encounter with the trio led by Danny Green. On the one hand, a singer with a varied path with influences ranging from soul to gospel, jazz and funk; on the other, a trio consolidated by a long common path and animated by a particular musical vision, where the grammar of the trio piano is enriched with classic accents and a fervent compositional vein. The meeting immediately becomes a common ground of expression, the interplay flows smoothly, the connections are always fast and functional.

As was hinted at above, the repertoire is extremely varied and eclectic. By jazz standards - My One And Only Love and Softly, As In A Morning Sunrise- he lands with some masters of black music such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones and Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It and One Hundred Ways - and he arrives at the British rock of Beatles, David Bowie, Tears for Fears and Oasis - specifically , The Fool On The Hill , Life On Mars , Everybody Wants To Rule The World and Wonderwall . A path in which the four musicians also bring two original songs - the opening of The Lonely Band and Night Waltz - well inserted in the flow that is articulated in the disc.

Ten tracks interpreted with great transport, making use of different elements and combining them with care and dexterity. The various reworkings go through dynamic arrangements capable of enhancing both the melodic sensitivity and the rhythmic thrust, the constant disposition of all four musicians in building the voice of the quartet and putting it at the service of the choices made for the individual songs. All the components brought into the disc - from the most intellectual vision to the sense for the hit effect, from adherence to languages ​​to the pleasure of revisiting extremely famous songs, from the virtuosity of the singles to the interplay and so on - balance each other and they enhance each other to create a multifaceted, captivating and solid disc. And if, as is obvious, not all reinterpretations succeed with the same intensity, nevertheless Patton, Green, Grinnell and Cantelm conduct the ten songs without style drops, always with the utmost attention and with attention to the small details present in the construction of the quartet and its repertoire. A synthesis, at the same time, spontaneous and structured and, therefore, able to pass directly and convincingly to the listener.

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