Lynn Bush with New Stories

Still Life

Origin 82394

Bush is a true mistress of her art with her flawless diction and intonation. But more important, she is a singer who manages to give each tune a personal, intimate flavor in the manner of Jeri Southern and Irene Kral.
All Music Guide

Lynn and I have been friends for more than 20 years and have always shared a musical connection. When we'd get together we would either be listening to music, talking about music, or I would be at one of her performances. I hadn't seen Lynn in several years but had the opportunity to visit her in Seattle. While we were driving up to Whidbey Island she played this CD for me and from the very first track I was so caught up in the music I couldn't speak. Her choice of Marc Seales, Doug Miller and John Bishop as the rhythm section is perfect. She has chosen very passionate tunes and sings them with a deep understanding of the composer's intent. Her interpretation is unique and compelling. She has so much to say. Lynn is more than a jazz singer, she's a jazz musician and this CD reflects that. It is the culmination of lots of listening, lots of living, and lots of loving and gets better each and every time you listen to it. I can hardly wait to hear what she will do next!

- Taken from the liner notes by Cris Nichols, New Mexico Jazz Workshop

Track Listing:

1. Dreamsville 3:32
2. Touch Of Your Lips 4:33
3. Detour Ahead 7:31
4. Invitation 4:39
5. Slow Hot Wind 3:42
6. Like A Lover 4:32
7. What A Way To Go 6:09
8. This Is New 3:08
9. A Time For Love 6:03
10. Lazy Afternoon 5:55


LYNN BUSH - vocals

with New Stories:

Production Info:

Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle, WA. April 16 - 17, 2001
Mixed at Studio X, Seattle, WA. May 30, 2001
Engineered by Reed Ruddy
Mastered at Seattle Disc Mastering, Seattle WA 7/30/01 by Mark Guenther
Cover photo by Stacy Williamson in Sitges, Spain
Layout and design by John Bishop

Reviews of Still Life

JazzSteps (Jason West)
Lynn Bush's latest release, Still Life, shows life, well, standing still-yet very much alive. This is accomplished audibly via Lynn's moody, vibratoless alto which saturates contemplative lyrics on "Slow Hot Wind," "Invitation" and "What a Way to Go." Visually, cover art of misty, overcast seascapes capture the desired effect. There's an uncons ...

Seattle Weekly (Mark Fefer)
Sometimes I think it's me. Maybe I have a "problem" with female singers. Or maybe jazz really is dead and that's why Krall and Karrin and Monheit bore me to madness with their tiresome twittery standards. And then I hear someone like Lynn Bush and realize that jazz lives plenty and so does my heart. She won't win awards for prettiest voice or most ...

ejazznews (George W. Carroll)
Well......I can make the following statement with a certain conviction: Lynn Bush is an inveterate romantic! Her choices of cover tunes, the evidence. Her 'Dreamsville,' 'Like A Lover,' & 'A Time For Love,' were stunning. It still amazes me in all my years as a veteran composer of original songs (some 3000 now), how symbiotic the relationship is be ...

All Music Guide (Dave Nathan)
The Northwest U.S. in general, and Seattle in particular, simply teems with outstanding jazz artists. Now comes vocalist Lynn Bush with her warm, contemporary approach to a play list of mostly familiar material. Bush and her confreres have turned out an album in which they share, in almost equal parts, the time allocated for this album to make each ...

Jazz Times (Christopher Loudon)
Lynn Bush, yet another of the fast-growing roster of formidable singers from the Seattle area, makes her recording debut with Still Life (Origin), an evocative collection of time-honored standards. Though blessed with a smoky voice that recalls the alluring sang-froid of Julie London, Bush is decidedly more robust than the perpetually horizontal Mi ...

Mr. Lucky (Steve Sando)





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