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Marc Seales

The ever-tasteful linear inventions of pianist Marc Seales were abetted magnificently as bassist Doug Miller grabbed an inspiration on the trio's special arrangement of Body & Soul and walked away with it - and the crowd.
The Seattle Times

A noted pianist, composer and leading figure in the Northwest jazz scene, Marc Seales has shared stages with many of the great players of the last two decades. He has played with nearly every visiting jazz celebrity from Joe Henderson and Art Pepper to Benny Carter, Mark Murphy, and Bobby Hutcherson. With the late Don Lanphere he performed in such places as London, England; Kobe, Japan; The Hague in the Netherlands; and the North Sea Jazz Festival.

The musicians he admires most are Herbie Hancock, Charlie Parker, John Lewis, John Coltrane, Miles Davis, and Wynton Kelly, though he is quick to acknowledge that he owejkjs the basically be-bop/post be-bop sound of his playing to his mentors, Don Lanphere and Floyd Standifer.

Critics have praised Seales variously for his "meaty piano solos," and "blues inflected, Hancock-inspired modernism." Winner of numerous Earshot awards (Instrumentalist of the Year in 1999 and Acoustic Jazz Group in 2000 and 2001; Jazz Hall of Fame, 2009), Seales is today promoting jazz awareness and molding young talents as a Professor of Music at the University of Washington, where he serves as Chair of the Jazz Studies Program. He teaches an array of courses, including History of Jazz, Jazz Piano, and Beginning and Advanced Improvisation, as well as leading various workshops and ensembles.


Chuck Deardorf
Origin 82770

Marc Seales
Origin 82680

Richard Cole
Origin 82492

Tad Britton
Origin 82481

Thomas Marriott
Origin 82474

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra
Origin 82456

New Stories
Origin 82434

Gary Hobbs
Origin 82430

Brent Jensen / Rob Walker Quintet
Origin 82427

Marc Seales
Origin 82421

Steve Korn
Origin 82418

Don Lanphere
Origin 82410

Matt Jorgensen +451
Origin 82401

Seattle Repertory Jazz Orchestra
Origin 82399

Lynn Bush with New Stories
Origin 82394

Don Lanphere with New Stories
Origin 82391

Ben Black
Origin 82387

Matt Jorgensen +451
Origin 82377

Don Lanphere
Origin 82373

New Stories
Origin 82372

Steve Korn
Origin 82368

Don Lanphere and Pete Christlieb
Origin 82363

New Stories
Origin 82359

New Stories
Origin 82356

Lary Barilleau & The Latin Jazz Collective
OA2 Records 22098


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