Jonas Tauber

Storm Walking Singing

Origin 82433


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...a performance of impressionistic beauty, dramatic excitement, virtuosic control and unique imagination that�s unlike that of any other recording of acoustic bass.

Originally a virtuoso classical cellist, Tauber took up the bass several years ago, quickly becoming a force in the west coast free music scene. Relocating to Z�rich in early 2004, he tours extensively and is the producer behind the "Z�rich Series" of improvised recordings on Origin Records. Featured here in a solo bass performance recorded live in Switzerland, Tauber displays his many technical gifts in a program of shifting moods, textures and soundscapes, concluding with a wholly swinging version of "Billie's Bounce." Equally compelling to a classical or jazz audience, Tauber represents a dynamic new voice in improvised music.

Track Listing:

1. Waterfall 8:21
2. Still-pond 5:09
3. Little Creek 7:59
4. Small Rapids 2:21
5. Stepping Stones 2:44
6. Fall Water 7:43
7. Souls Mirror 6:05
8. Storm Walking Singing 6:56
9. Billie's Bounce 4:47


Jonas Tauber - solo bass

Production Info:

Produced by JONAS TAUBER
Recorded live March 7, 2004 at CAFE 26, Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Recorded direct to DAT via stereo microphone by JONAS TAUBER
Mastered by MARK GUENTHER at Seattle Disc Mastering
Cover photograph by TODD BISHOP
Bass photograph is a self-portrait by JONAS TAUBER
Art Direction & design by JOHN BISHOP

Reviews of Storm Walking Singing

All About Jazz (C. Michael Bailey)
Storm Walking Singing is the type of recording I would have expected Winter & Winter or ECM to release. Very specialized and focused and defying genre (jazz or classical), Jonas Tauber's latest release is an interesting exploration, and as such a bit of an acquired taste. That it why it is so wonderful that Seattle-based Origin Records is emergin ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenburg)
An album of improvised, solo, upright bass. This isn't your father's jazz. Tauber makes use of every possibility the bass affords in creating sound textures, often simultaneously rubbing, plucking, and bowing to create harmonies alone. Along the way, from program music to program music, he manages to show off some incredible versatility in performa ...

Jazz Review (Don Williamson)
A Swiss native, Jonas Tauber has returned to Z�rich after making some important contacts in the United States as he pursued his education. After graduating from the Eastman School of Music, Tauber moved on as opportunities arose for a cellist in orchestras in cities as widespread as New York City, Cedar Rapids Iowa, Philadelphia, Boulder Colorado a ...

Double Bassist (Joshua Kline)
Recorded before a live audience at Cafe 26 in Switzerland, Storm Walking Singing comprises mainly original improvised solo pieces performed by bassist Jonas Tauber. Such is the level of intensity and conviction of Tauber's playing that one has to remind oneself that this is just one man and his double bass. His ambitious approach to the instrument ...





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