Tad Britton

Black Hills

Origin 82481


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Some of the most interesting and complex music I've heard in a long time.
- Rapid City Journal

Formerly from the Black Hills of South Dakota, the Seattle-based drummer creates a gentle and lyrical trio recording with pianist Marc Seales and his long-time rhythm section mate, bassist Jeff Johnson. Through Bill Evans' "Time Remembered," George Duke's "Love Reborn," and pop and country classics "Fire and Rain," "Ring of Fire," and "The Windmills of Your Mind," the trio's blues-based intimacy helps to create a richly textured collection of American music.

Track Listing:

1 Time Remembered 9:09
2 Love Reborn 8:29
3 Fire & Rain 10:46
4 Dark Kiss 4:35
5 Red Drum 2:20
6 Ring of Fire 2:20
7 Falling Grace 7:14
8 The Windmills of Your Mind 3:30


Marc Seales - piano
Jeff Johnson - bass
Tad Britton - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Tad and Deanna Britton
Recorded August 23rd, 2006 by Floyd Reitsma at Studio Litho
Mastered by Mark Guenther at Seattle Disc Mastering
Photo of Tad Britton by Jim Eisele
Band photo by Mara Fitch
Design & Layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Black Hills

Rapid City Journal (Ruth Milne)
Like many musicians, Black Hills native Tad Britton displayed his talents early in life. In fact, one title for his autobiography could be, "From Spoons to Snare Drums: The Journey of Jazz Drummer Tad Britton." As a toddler growing up in Sturgis, Britton's "daycare center" was his grandmother's house, where she would set pots and pans and a couple ...

All Music Guide (Stewart Mason)
Tad Britton grew up in Sturgis, South Dakota; hence the title of his debut album as a bandleader, Black Hills. The Seattle-based drummer has led an unusual life for a jazzman, getting his start in country bands as a teenager and spending a lengthy stint in the official house band of the Church of the Subgenius, the Swingin' Love Corpses, during the ...

Bopin' Dick's 10 Picks (Dick Crockett)
Drummer Tad Britton is an American story. Born and raised in Sturgis South Dakota, a town of five thousand. This is the fabric. Not all towns are five thousand for jazz musicians to materialize, to further their art. How could Shenandoah, Iowa know that Charlie Haden would become a fine jazz artist? The jam session is a great teacher. All towns in ...

The Davis Enterprise, Thursday Nov.1 (Ric Bang)
This tasty trio is another part of the impressive jazz scene that has developed in the Pacific Northwest during the past several years. Marc Seales is the pianist, Jeff Johnson plays bass and Tad Britton - identified as the leader - handles the drums. Seales and Johnson have been key artists on dozens of albums that have been released from this re ...

Cadence (Grego Applegate Edwards)
Black Hills, by Tad Britton includes a few originals, and a number of Pop classics not often, if ever, covered by a Jazz conflagration and, oh yes, a couple of Jazz numbers by classic writers. Bassist Jeff Johnson is hip, agile, and a great soloist. Tadd plays drums like he was born to play in a piano trio - he's busy enough to pull his weight in ...

Amazon.com (Steve Wyzard)
There I was, minding my own business and listening to my local jazz radio station (remember jazz radio?) when suddenly I heard a very gifted piano trio playing a bopish cover of James Taylor's quintessential hit "Fire and Rain". Why hasn't anyone else done this before? I wondered in stunned amazement. Only later was I to discover that this trio was ...





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