Brad Goode

Polytonal Dance Party

Origin 82519


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Goode's high rev brain spins out musical ideas with a consistency that's eerie. It isn't just the harmonic and melodic twists he puts on his material that makes him so riveting; he sends the tunes he plays through a sparkling kaleidoscope of rhythmic changes...

Trumpeter Brad Goode soars through some wild-sounding Fusion, armed with a psychedelic trumpet, a polytonal mind and a band of virtuoso players. Joining Goode at his dance party are pianist Jeff Jenkins, guitarist Bill Kopper, Ken Walker on bass, and drummer Anthony Lee - a musically daring group of musicians who embraced Goode's ideas of unconventional harmonic structures as they perform a wide range of originals and soul & jazz standards. The results are captivating to the ear and just strange enough to keep you guessing.

Track Listing:

1. Encryption 6:58
2. Background Theme of Life 4:39
3. Betcha by Golly Wow 5:49
4. The Snake Charmer 5:22
5. Autumn Nocturne 4:57
6. Golden Lady 3:23
7. Going Out of My Head 5:19
8. Astral Projection 7:26
9. Lost April 5:48
10. Shock of the New 6:54
11. Dream 7:09


Brad Goode - trumpet
Bill Kopper - guitar / sitar
Jeff Jenkins - piano / keyboards
Ken Walker - bass
Anthony Lee - drums

Production Info:

Recorded January, 2008 at Mile High Music, Denver, Colorado
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Scott Griess
Cover Photos by Rade Pavlovic & James Cameron
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Polytonal Dance Party

Jazz Review (Andy Hamilton)
I'd been aware of Brad Goode, but not of quite what a superlative player and band-leader he was ? till I reviewed his album Nature Boy, released on Delmark earlier this year. With his quartet of Jeff Jenkins on piano, Johannes Weidenmueller on bass and Todd Reid on drums, this is an album where conception and execution, form and content, are perfe ...

Rocky Mountain Jazz (Cicily Janus)
Taking a risk is difficult no matter what field of art you choose. In Brad Goodeʼs new release, Polytonal Dance Party, there are abundant risks taken from the first track to the last. Exploring the more avant-garde side of his repertoire, Goodeʼs work on this album is a far cry from his previous albums, such as, Toy Trumpet and his collab ...

All Music Guide (Ken Dryden)
Brad Goode has long experimented with using polychordal harmonies, as many jazz musicians have well before him, but prior to this recording session, the trumpeter's adventurous charts tended to overwhelm many of the players who worked with him. But this date freed Goode from the series of post-bop/hard bop/bop recordings that he had made in the pas ...

Chicago (Paul Abella)
Since Brad Goode left Chicago a few years back, he's been on a tear, recording three CD's in three years. His latest, on Origin Records, is by far the best of the bunch. Finally, with the aid of a band willing to play his tunes the way that he wanted to write them, Goode can be heard in a whole new light. And in a light that takes him from being "a ...

Jazztimes, May 2009 (Mike Joyce)
"When I started asking musicians to read these chords, they wanted me to go away and die," Brad Goode tells fellow trumpeter John McNeil in the liner notes to the harmonically twisted Polytonal Dance Party. McNeil's witty observations and the accompanying lead sheets underscore the challenges that Goode's recruits faced--and ultimately surmounted. ...

Jazziz (John Frederick Moore)
Trumpeter Brad Goode pulls a neat trick with this disc. He's taken a deliberately difficult approach to composing and arranging, then makes it sound fun rather than academic or pretentious. These 11 tracks contain enough polytonal harmonies to make a modernist-classical composer proud, but as the title suggests, you can danced to the music, as well ...

International Trumpet Guild (Douglas Lockard)
Jazz trumpeter Brad Goode has achieved success as both a performer and educator (University of Colorado), and this adventurous 2008 release demonstrates his desire to continue to push the harmonic envelope. As the title of the recording suggests, every tune is written or arranged using poly- chordal harmonies. Although the sound of polytonal harmon ...





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