Brad Goode

Chicago Red

Origin 82634

Lyric genius of the trumpet...
-The Chicago Tribune

Long known for his highly swinging recordings and performances, the virtuostic trumpeter also has his "other" side, first exposed on the 1988 release "Shock of the New." 25 years and 13 albums later, having established himself as a soloist of immediacy and warmth and a composer of striking originality, Goode is still stretching. With his culture-spanning band of Ghanian drummer Paa Kow, Brazilian bassist Bijoux Barbosa, Lebanese percussionist Rony Barrak, guitarist Bill Kopper and keyboardist Jeff Jenkins, "Chicago Red" also features Goode's explorations in polytonal chord cycles - no less bold a break from standard procedure than fusion once was - to create an eclectic, electric and thoroughly grooving album.

Track Listing:

1 What Happens In Space City 8:34
2 Know What I'm Saying? 5:53
3 St. Louis Blues 4:29
4 Chicago Red 7:28
5 Intervallistic 5:44
6 Vesti La Giubba (from I Pagliacci) 6:08
7 Mambo Disonante 7:21
8 If Spirals Had Corners 8:20
9 All Fall Down 5:33
10 Cats In The Yard 10:45


BRAD GOODE - trumpet
BILL KOPPER - guitar, sitar
JEFF JENKINS - piano, keyboards
BIJOUX BARBOSA - electric bass
PAA KOW - drums
RONY BARRAK - darbouka, rik

Production Info:

Produced by Brad Goode
Recorded by Scott Griess
at Mile High Music, Denver CO
April 14 & 15, 2012
Mixed by Scott Griess and Jeff Jenkins
Mastered by Scott Griess
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Chicago Red

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
One thing about electric/world Miles---you either had to be stoned or have high blood pressure to get the most out of Davis in that period. In that light, calling Goode?s latest Miles lite is no insult or disrespect. With echoes of the Miles/Holland/deJohnette interplay, shadings of funk, world beat players all fueled by nascent steam punk energ ...

emusic Review (Dave Sumner)
Trumpeter Goode definitely has his own singular voice on his instrument, and it?s been neat hearing him develop it over time. He never seems to stop searching for the right equation to fully blossom. On this recording, he mixes some modern nu-jazz with some traditional music forms, and then rounds out his sextet with a guitarist who doubles on sita ...

All About Jazz (Dan Bilawsky)
Trumpeter Brad Goode may be approaching a decade spent in Boulder, Colorado, but his heart will always belong to Chicago. Goode was born in The Windy City and, though the twists and turns of life took him elsewhere, he returned there to do his master's degree at DePaul University and launch his career. He held court at the legendary Green Mill fro ...

All Music Guide (Matt Collar)
Trumpeter Brad Goode made his name in Chicago playing straight-ahead post-bop jazz with little electronic or stylistic frills outside of the modern jazz tradition. That said, Goode is an adept improviser with muscular trumpet chops, who has always pushed himself to play a mix of harmonically advanced music alongside his superb renderings of jazz st ...

Chicago Tribune (Howard Reich)
Though trumpeter Brad Goode left Chicago in 1997 for Cincinnati and then Boulder, where he now teaches at the University of Colorado, his identity remains tied to this city. He titled his newest album "Chicago Red" (Origin Records) and over the weekend celebrated its release in the room where he had built the early chapters of his career: the Gre ...

All About Jazz (C. Michael Bailey)
Chicago cum Colorado trumpeter Brad Goode also likes the sound of the electric piano, employing it liberally (at the hands of Jeff Jenkins) on Chicago Red. His mix also includes the funky guitar of Bill Kopper and electric bass of Bijoux Barbosa. How he differs from Jeremy Pelt, in this respect, is in his more organic application of the electric in ...

Jazz Times Magazine (Steve Greenlee)
Brad Goode, an accomplished trumpeter and jazz studies professor at the University of Colorado, has spent most of his career steeped in bop. But on Chicago Red he continues his more modern explorations, begun in 2008 with Polytonal Dance Party and the introduction of his so-called "polytonal system," which involves "improvising over streams of s ...

LongPlay: RadioJAZZ - Poland (Robert Ratajczak)
Although trumpeter Brad Goode's last years were spent in Colorado, his musical consciousness is always associated with a distinctive Chicago jazz sound. Goode recently returned to his native Chicago, where he graduated years ago from DePaul University, and recorded his first album. Currently, there are weekly concerts at the legendary Green Mill c ...

Cadence (Jerome Wilson)
Chicago Red demonstrates that there is still a lot of life in the notion of marrying strong funk and r'n'b grooves to Jazz. With spacey effects and a smaller pallet of trumpet, guitar, keyboards and exotic percussion it has a lot of the flavor of Miles? Davis 80?s electric work. Brad Goode?s trumpet coos and bops over rhythms that involve scratch ...





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