Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott

East-West Trumpet Summit

Origin 82561

...Marriott is a brilliant player with chops to spare...
Victoria Times-Colonist

Continuing the tradition of fabled trumpet duo sessions that have included Fats Navarro & Howard McGhee, and Freddie Hubbard & Woody Shaw, two of the more dynamic and versatile trumpeters anywhere, New Yorker Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott from Seattle make up the front line of this power-packed quintet as they take a joyous ride through a collection of jazz classics and original compositions. Featuring the rhythm section of New York pianist Travis Shook, and the Seattle team of drummer Matt Jorgensen and bassist Jeff Johnson, the band tears through standards like "It's You or No One" and several originals that are sure to excite the general jazz audience as much as fans of the trumpet. Far from a "cutting session," this recording showcases the sensibilities and styles of both coasts of the U.S. and how they can partner to cover a good deal of stylistic territory while remaining both lyrical and exciting.

"...this fabulous recording is a shout out to the jazz trumpet gods...Vega pulls out all the stops..."
New York Latino

Track Listing:

1 It's You or No One 5:32 (Cahn & Styne)
2 Juicy Lucy 6:22 (Horace Silver)
3 Pelham Gardens 5:27 (Marriott)
4 Bishop Island 6:21 (Marriott)
5 Only of a Season 6:08 (Vega)
6 It's a New York Thing 4:50 (Vega)
7 Round Midnight / In a Sentimental Mood 5:54 (T. Monk / D. Ellington)
8 Big Brother 7:11 (Marriott)


RAY VEGA - trumpet

Production Info:

Produced by Thomas Marriott & Ray Vega
Recorded by David Lange, Dec. 15, 2009
at David Lange Studios, Edgewood, WA
Mixed by Don Gunn, Dec. 16, 2009
Mastered by John McCaig at Panic Studios
Photography by Chad McCullough
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of East-West Trumpet Summit

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Working the two coasts of jazz theory together, but using the Northwest as representative of modern West Coast jazz rather than the L.A. area, trumpeters Ray Vega and Thomas Marriott combine their formidable powers for good in a massive set. The two trumpeters have played together over the years, and have become stalwarts of the local scenes in the ...

All About Jazz (John Barron)
East-West Trumpet Summit is a rollicking showcase for longtime friends Ray Vega and Thomas Marriott. Vega, a New York native and the elder of the two, has served for many years as a mentor to Seattle's Marriott. The two first met when Marriott was a student at the University of Washington in Seattle, and Vega was in town touring with the late Tito ...

Audiophile Audition (Jeff Krow)
Trumpet blow-offs, like harmonica cutting sessions, many times are unsuccessful as they can be exercises in ego inflation. Dating back to the 1950s there has been an impression that when East coast players meet their Western counterparts, the East coast horn players blow hot and the Left coast brass players blow in a cooler vein. It's kind of like ...

Oregon Jazz Scene (George Fendel)
The two-trumpet ensemble is not a new thing in jazz, but it sure is a good thing in the hands of New Yorker Ray Vega and Seattleite Thomas Marriott. Their paths had crossed on both coasts over recent years, and a friendship and mutual respect developed. Resulting, of course, in this recording. Former Seattle pianist (now New Yorker) Travis Shook le ...

Jazziz (Mark Holston)
Trumpet players have a well-deserved reputation for machismo. Put two jazz trumpeters in the same studio at the same time and the testosterone count is sure to jump. In the case of veteran Ray Vega and relative newcomer Thomas Marriott, however, the emphasis of this warm-blooded session is on mutual respect, not one-upmanship, as they partner in a ...

MusicWeb-International.com (Don Mather)
Throughout the history of jazz, trumpet players have pitted their ability to improvise against one another. My guess is it started with King Oliver and Louis Armstrong in New Orleans. In more recent times audiences have thrilled to the creative talents of groups that had Howard McGhee matched with Fats Navarro, Art Farmer with Donald Byrd and Fredd ...

International Trumpet Guild, January 2011 (Jim Ketch)
Ray Vega and Thomas Marriott present a compelling recording, brimming with creative imagination, technical fluency, and a deep respect for the jazz tradition. This album also features fine performances by Travis Shook, Jeff Johnson, and Matt Jorgensen. Shook's soloing is daring and adventuresome, while Johnson and Jorgensen lock down the time and t ...

Cadence Magazine (Larry Hollis)
The trumpet has long been an iconic symbol of the music we fondly call Jazz. With East-West Trumpet Summit, you double your fun--if you happen to be a brass lover--as Big Apple veteran Ray Vega joins longtime buddy Thomas Marriott (representing the West Coast and already with several titles under the Origin logo to his credit). Backing these arti ...

JazzTimes (Ron Wynn)
This Ray Vega/Thomas Marriott dual trumpet release emphasizes collective interaction, cohesive ensemble presentation and the spirit of teamwork embodied in the title, though there are also plenty of times during the eight songs where differences in style and approach are evident despite the fact they're playing identical trumpets. Both men are supe ...





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