Clay Giberson

Minga Minga

Origin 82696


A sound of intelligence, lyricism, depth and accessibility...
- The Oregonian

An innovative voice in the Pacific Northwest's contemporary jazz scene, Portland pianist and composer Clay Giberson has set himself apart through his solo recordings and with his modern jazz group, the Upper Left Trio. For "Minga Minga," the birth of his daughter inspired Clay to record solo piano everyday for two weeks, assembling a collection of improvisations that reflect the many feelings of the times, and serve as a gift to his new child. "...a distinct voice, huge chops, and compositional intelligence of rare capability." - Audiophile Audition.

Track Listing:

1 Little Bird 7:09
2 Pabulum 4:41
3 Burst 4:45
4 Minga 4:31
5 Eyesome 4:46
6 Commensal 4:57
7 Stride Right 3:00
8 Mizzle 3:36
9 Dalles 4:33
10 Astir 6:05
11 Close To You 4:04


Clay Giberson - piano (Steinway B)

Production Info:

Produced by Clay Giberson
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Clay Giberson at Gyberspace - November, 2013
Photographs by Clay Giberson
Cover Design & Layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Minga Minga

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
Improv solo piano recorded and written in honor of his newly born daughter, Gilberson stride that jazz/new age/contemporary instrumental line with great aplomb and shows that he can satisfy the ears quite by his lonesome. A sitting down date that requires your attention without demanding it, this is some pretty top shelf solo piano work. ...

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
4 STARS From the mouth of his young daughter came the four playful syllables that don't mean a thing in the adult world, but Portland, Oregon-based pianist Clay Giberson took the idea - and the momentous event of the birth of his child - and went into the studio to record solo, every day for two weeks. The result is Minga Minga. Giberson's a ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Clay Giberson goes solo on piano for eleven of his own compositions that show an allegiance to impressionists like Satie and Debussy. There is a lyrical classicism to pieces like "Little Bird" and the reflective "Burst" while "Adah" has Giberson using silence as a note.A dash of Gershwin buoyancy adds a dash to "Astir" and " Closer to You" and he s ...

KUCI, Irvine, CA (Hobart Taylor)
Keith Jarrett has tuned my ears to the ephemeral joys solo piano explorations. Bill Evans tuned them as well. With such high standards it is hard to hear those who don't quite get "there" (aka George Winston). Giberson gets there. He intermingles traditions, emotions, and even time signatures gracefully and seamlessly. ...

Improvijazzation (Rotcod Zzaj)
It's difficult to pull off solo piano when the genre/content is jazz/blues based, but Portland, Oregon pianist Clay is able to do that without a hitch. Songs like the opener, "Little Bird", will give your ears a clear image of just how intimate/bluesy his keyboards can be. It's all about the birth of his daughter, and will be a gift to her that ...





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