Mimi Fox

This Bird Still Flies

Origin 82773

Beyond her passion and virtuosity, Fox plays with a profundity that only comes from a lifetime of devotion to ones art.
Guitar Player Magazine

Virtuoso guitarist Mimi Fox has earned international renown as a live-wire performer, a startlingly poised improviser who can transform just about any tune into a thrilling and unpredictable instrumental adventure. While best known for wielding her namesake Heritage Guitar Mimi Fox Signature model arch-top, spinning solos that unfurl with surprise twists like expertly tailored short stories, Fox is equally spellbinding on six and 12-string acoustic guitars. Recently partnering with Taylor Guitars, Fox has increasingly returned to her acoustic roots, delivering her wildly imaginative reinterpretations of standards, folk songs, pop hits and R&B anthems.

Track Listing:

1. Get Away Blues 3:38
2. Blue Bossa 4:38
3. Twilight In The Mangroves 5:24
4. Blackbird 4:54
5. Textures of Loving 5:56
6. Day Tripper 5:07
7. You Don't Know What Love Is 8:34
8. This Bird Still Flies 4:56
9. There Is No Greater Love 3:26
10. Against The Grain 3:46
11. America The Beautiful 4:15


Mimi Fox - guitar
Andy Timmons - guitar (8)

Production Info:

Produced by Mimi Fox
(1,2,4, 11) Recorded by Adam Munoz at
Opus Studios, Berkeley, CA, August 2018
(3,5,6,7,8,9) Recorded by Mimi Fox at
Mimi Fox Studios, San Francisco, CA, July/August 2018
Assisted by Dan Feiszli
(10) Recorded by Dale Everingham at
Live Oak Studios, Berkeley,CA, September 1985
Mixed by Dan Feiszli at What's For Lunch Studio, El Cerrito, CA
Mastered by Ken Lee at Ken Lee Mastering, Oakland, CA
Cover photography by Alison Hasbach
Inside artist photo: Mike Oria
Guitar candid shot: Elizabeth Martin
Cover Design & Layout by John Bishop

Reviews of This Bird Still Flies

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
A solo guitar tour de force by one of the pre-eminent practitioners of our age, Fox gets back to her acoustic roots and takes you back to the 70s when solo guitar records like this that made your jaw drop came along a lot more frequently than once in a blue moon. A master class and great music all at once, this is a sterling example of why so many ...

Berkeleyside (Andrew Gilbert)
When Mimi Fox talks about visiting Joe Pass, I picture the legendary guitarist sitting lotus position on top of a Himalayan peak, a cigar tucked firmly into the corner of his mouth as he utters cryptic jazz koans. Gruff and avuncular, Pass wasn't really the guru type, but more than any other player of his era he mastered the lonely art of unacco ...

The Mercury News (Lou Fancher)
Shook up after a five-hour medical procedure and a nightmare surprise breast cancer diagnosis, jazz guitarist Mimi Fox stood, stunned, in a hospital parking lot. Swirling overhead in the night sky, a flock of birds chirped and sang a complicated, gorgeous, melodic song. Months later, during treatment, the Vallejo-based composer and musician comp ...

Hot House Jazz (Elzy Kolb)
Mimi Fox has called Northern California her home since 1980, but the New York-born guitarist still has a special place in her heart for the Big Apple. "I love the vivacity, intensity and energy. There's a straightforwardness that I really miss, it feels honest and real, it's not artifice and BS. I love that you can buy a New York Times without the ...

Taylor Guitars (Colin Griffith)
Acoustic Flight Path: Interview with Mimi Fox: When we last wrote about internationally renowned guitar virtuoso and music educator Mimi Fox (summer 2018), she was still enjoying the honeymoon phase with her new Builder's Edition K14ce. As Fox shared at the time, she was returning to her acoustic roots and looking forward to using her new Taylor ...

JazzTimes (Mike Joyce)
Nothing humbles a jazz guitarist accustomed to playing a solidbody or archtop instrument quite like an acoustic flattop, even if it's a top-tier Taylor cutaway. There are, of course, musicians who can switch-hit with deceptive ease—Pat Metheny, for one—and now the same can be said of Mimi Fox with the release of this, her first full-length acou ...

Downbeat (Howard Mandel)
4-STARS Proving she has nothing to prove on This Bird Still Flies, meticulous Bay Area guitarist Mimi Fox uses her 11th recording as leader or co-leader to showcase her utter mastery of the acoustic instrument. Mixing five originals with standards, Beatles songs and a national ode, the 62-year-old guitarists' guitarist here takes care to let every ...

Jazz Journal (London) (Bruce Lindsay)
Mimi Fox has been playing guitar for over four decades and released her first album in the 1980s, but This Bird Still Flies is her first all-acoustic recording – mostly on a Taylor acoustic, with Day Tripper featuring a baritone guitar. Mixing self-penned tunes with jazz standards and a couple of Lennon/McCartney numbers, the album gives Fox a ch ...

The Mercury News (Andrew Gilbert)
BEST OF 2019 Vallejo guitarist Mimi Fox extends her reputation as one of jazz's finest solo practitioners with an eclectic set unified by her unabashedly open-hearted sensibility as she transmutes folk tunes, jazz standards, original compositions and popular songs into revelatory personal statements. ...





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