Hal Galper

Ivory Forest Redux

Origin 82861


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Galper's dazzling runs are often complemented by his punchy pointillism...stunning...


During a rich musical period in the late '70s with many performances around New York City and two European tours together, pianist Hal Galper and guitarist John Scofield recorded a pair of legendary albums that demonstrated the well grounded paths they were on, their concepts coalescing in a hub of scorched earth intensity. Scofield's Rough House was followed by Galper's Ivory Forest recorded in October 1979, both originally on the German Enja label and with Adam Nussbaum on drums. Now 40+ years later, and the legacy set with countless thousands of musicians inspired to follow in their steps, the sounds remain modern and vital.

"...a pianist of astonishing power and creativity..."
Jazz Chicago

Track Listing:

1. Ivory Forest 7:37
2. Continuity 6:39
3. My Dog Spot 6:34
4. Monk's Mood 6:02
5. Yellow Days 3:47
6. Rapunzel's Luncheonette 9:34

All music by Hal Galper (Amenable Music) except:
(4) by Thelonious Monk
(5) by Alan Bernstein & Alvaro Carrillo


Hal Galper - piano
John Scofield - guitar
Wayne Dockery - bass
Adam Nussbaum - drums

Production Info:

Original recording produced by
Horst Weber & Matthias Winckelmann
Recorded By Carlos Albrecht at
Tonstudio Bauer, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Recorded on Oct. 31, 1979 & Nov. 1, 1979
Produced for reissue by Hal Galper & John Bishop
Mastered by Dan Dean, Mercer Island, WA
Liner notes by Paul Rauch
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Ivory Forest Redux

Jazz Weekly (George W Harris)
Someone has been holding out on us… This album with leader Hal Galper on piano includes guitarist John Scofield, bassist Wayne Dockery and drummer Adam Nussbaum, and has finally been reissued after being out of circulation not long after its original 1979 release. It's an impressive yet understated affair, combining quartet efforts with duets ...

Something Else! (S. Victor Aaron)
Around the early 90's when my John Scofield fascination led me back to his catalog prior to his Miles Davis association, I picked up his 1978 Rough House CD. While the guitarist's advanced bop vocabulary was already fully developed by this time and he also demonstrated emerging composing chops this early on, this was a very different record than th ...

CirdecSongs (Cedric Hendrix)
A glorious re-issue from 1980, pianist Hal Galper reminds us why this release is worthy of hearing again and again. His guitarist is a young fellow named John Scofield, whose ability is well on its way to what would ultimately make him a jazz legend. Galper's piano runs are full of fire and fury, and he and Scofield are perfect musical foils for on ...

L.A. Jazz Scene (Scott Yanow)
Listening to this recording without looking at the liner notes, I considered the music to be excellent modern mainstream jazz probably recorded during the past year. The playing is adventurous and full of variety, the interplay between piano and guitar is quite up to date, and the rhythm section pushes the soloists. To my surprise, I discovered ...

Take Effect (Tom Haugen)
The esteemed pianist Hal Galper brings us a remastered reissue of his late ‘70s masterpiece, Ivory Forest, and this updated version enhances John Scofield's guitar, Wayne Dockery's bass and Adam Nussbaum's drums, too. The title track opens the listen with a light mood of agile keys, dreamy guitar and well timed drums in the very meticulous an ...

Multikulti Project (Poland) (Matthew Krępski)
FIVE STARS Five decades of jazz creation have resulted in Hal Galper's name, especially in the US, surrounded by admiration among jazz fans and respect among music journalists and musicians. In his work as an educator, Galper identifies himself with rare accomplishments. He is one of the founders of the New School of Jazz and Contemporary Music, ...





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