Deep Blue Organ Trio

Folk Music

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...a tightly knit Chitown unit that is adept at putting an old-school soul-jazz spin on popular nonjazz repertoire.

Celebrating the classic organ trio configuration as well as the Black-American experience through music, Bobby Broom, Chris Foreman and Greg Rockingham bring a modern edge to a musical timepiece. Since 1992, The Deep Blue Organ Trio has been a mainstay on the Chicago jazz scene, playing weekly engagements at The Green Mill for the last six years. Each performance recounts the tales of the essence of jazz music's past travels through funk, soul, R&B, gospel, and spirituals. On Folk Music, the trio plays with the kind of tightly knit connectivity only found among the highest level of seasoned musicians.

Track Listing:

1. A Deeper Blue 7:34
2. This I Dig of You 5:28
3. I Thought About You 9:20
4. The Chant 6:21
5. She's Leaving Home 6:40
6. Never Knew Love Like This Before 9:46
7. Ceora 8:28
8. Short Story 4:53
9. Sweet Sticky Thing 6:46


Deep Blue Organ Trio Is:

Chris Foreman - Hammond B3 Organ
Bobby Broom - Guitar
Greg Rockingham - Drums

Production Info:

Produced by Bobby Broom
Recorded on May 10,11,17,18, 2007
Recorded & Mixed by Josh Richter
Victorian Recording Studio, Barrington, IL
Mastered by Danny Leake at
Urban Guerrilla Engineers
Photography by Mark Sheldon
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Folk Music

Audiophile Audition (Jeff Krow)
A new release from the Deep Blue Organ Trio is always cause for celebration, and their new Origin Records release is no exception. The Deep Blue Organ Trio (DBOT) is much more than the typical Hammond organ trio - guitar, organ and drums - in that they have the Hammond groove down pat as one would expect with a group of their longevity (performing ...

All About (John Barron)
Since 1992, Deep Blue Organ Trio has been working tirelessly to keep the flames of classic organ jazz burning. They've held down a weekly gig at Chicago's Green Mill and have released two highly acclaimed discs for Delmark Records: Deep Blue Bruise (2004) and Goin' to Town: Live at the Green Mill (2006). On Folk Music, the trio's first release ...

Charleston Daily Mail (Michael Lipton)
Yeah. They don't make many records like this anymore. The Hammond B3 organ is an instrument unto itself -- in the singular technique it takes to master the analog beast and the music that flows from its vacuum tubes. Even the genre -- the "organ trio" -- is a style that came into its own in the 1950s as the Hammond came into vogue. With Chicago ve ...

Midwest (Chris Spector)
DEEP BLUE ORGAN TRIO/Folk Music: The only limiting thing about organ trios is that you better not stray far from that swing we know and love. And that's a bad thing? Bobby Broom and his two Chicago pals understand that basic truth of organ trios as they issue their third outing. Not a folk music collection in the 50's sense, like Ramsey Lewis T ...

All Headline News (Todd Lazarski)
Hipsters attuned to the wave of highbrow, dance-friendly grooves resurrected by modern Hammond B-3 trios such as Soulive and Medeski Martin and Wood may do very well to seek out some of the last old-school purveyors of organ-centered soul jazz: Chicago's Deep Blue Organ Trio can cite references on their collective resume that would span the likes o ...

All About (Dr. Judith Schlesinger)
With the first two bars of Folk Music, you can tell that things are going to get greasy. Few people want greasy hair or greasy food, but greasy music is a whole other story: it means soulful and swinging and played with the kind of laid-back confidence that signifies true mastery. "Blues is the preacher, jazz is the teacher," says the group's websi ...

Downbeat, Jan 2008 (John Ephland)
You get a sense of where this music's going to go right away, and how tight these musicians are as a trio. The opener, "A Deeper Blue," is a medium-slow crawler that can expose any rough edges to a band's cohesion. The trio moves ever so gently off the soulful, bluesy head with the slightest restraint - riding on drummer Greg Rockingham's light, ro ...

Democrat & Chronicle (Critics Pick)
Don't let the title fool you. This is mellow-soul, Hammond B3-guitar-drums jazz of the highest order. (I suspect the title is a reference to a famous Louis Armstrong quote: "All music is folk music. I ain't never heard no horse sing a song.") Organist Chris Foreman, guitarist Bobby Broom and drummer Greg Rockingham establish a groove that won't qui ...

Chicago Jazz Magazine (Paul Abella)
If any group was going to name their disc Folk Music it had to be the Deep Blue Organ Trio. Their last two recordings all featured healthy doses of music for the folks, in the guise of pop tunes and jazz classics. Their originals are always compelling as well, giving folks yet another reason to listen. Folk Music is another disc in the same vein. O ...

JazzWax (Marc Myers )
The Hammond B3 organ has two true personalities?brash and Hammond organ groovy. But in recent years, the instrument's groovy side has been heard less and less. Most young jazz organists coming up today?and many vets?seem to prefer showing off what technical monsters they are rather than exploring the instrument's rich textures and gospel roots. ...

Notes, June 2008 (Rick Anderson)
The "organ trio" format is one of the most venerable and fiercely defended combo configurations in jazz. Organists are generally adamant that no bass is needed, and take pride in being able to provide running basslines themselves using the pedals of the Hammond B3 organ (the preferred instrument in this configuration) while playing melody and chord ...

All About Jazz (Paul Christopher Dowd )
One casualty of jazz' precipitous decline in popularity since the '70s has been the ever- diminishing number of organ trios, once a staple of African-American urban communities. On their third and latest release, Folk Music, Deep Blue Organ Trio remain committed to continuing the thread of the organ trio as a vital part of the black community and o ...

O's Place (D. Oscar Groomes )
he Trio is guitarist Bobby Broom, drummer Greg Rockingham and Chris Forman on the Hammond. Don't let the title fool you. These are cool jazzy blues packed with soul. Broom steps up on "The Chant" and "She's Leaving Home" with fine solos. Chris is at the center of the action in most cases and he doesn't disappoint with well-developed solos that buil ...





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