Bobby Broom

My Shining Hour

Origin 82667

4-STARS - Broom is the full monty: ultra-refined timing and tone, continuous flow of ideas, a touch of grease, a treat for the connoisseur.
- John Corbett, DownBeat

Bobby Broom and his Trio, with Dennis Carroll on bass and Makaya McCraven on drums, present a program of striking musical Americana. Breathing shimmering meaning into tunes that go as far back as the 1920s, the trio lends new life to timeless classics such as "Jitterbug Waltz," "Sweet Georgia Brown," "Sweet and Lovely," and "Tennessee Waltz." Recorded direct to 1/4" tape--live in-studio, without headphones, instrument isolation, or overdubbing--this first-step analog recording offers a delightful sonic experience for audiophiles.

"...among the most satisfying jazz guitar albums likely to emerge this year." - NEW YORK TIMES.

Track Listing:

1. Sweet and Lovely 5:55
2. My Ideal 7:32
3. Just One of Those Things 7:00
4. My Shining Hour 6:07
5. Sweet Georgia Brown 6:05
6. The Heather on the Hill 6:40
7. The Jitterbug Waltz 6:58
8. Oh, Lady Be Good 6:34
9. The Tennessee Waltz 4:17


Bobby Broom - guitar
Dennis Carroll - bass
Makaya McCraven - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Bobby Broom & Jonathan Horwich
Analog production: Jonathan Horwich
of International Phonograph, Inc.
Recorded by Anthony Gravino & Jonathan Horwich
at Shirk Studio, Chicago, March 6-8, 2014
Mixed by Anthony Gravino at The Drake
Mastered by Danny Leake at Urban Guerrilla, Chicago
Photography by Todd Winters
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of My Shining Hour

Critical Jazz (Brent Black)
My Shining Hour is far more than one more artist taking the easy way out by banging out a selection of tunes from the Great American Songbook. Bobby Broom doesn't play covers, he reinvents and meticulously manipulates melodies to find a new way of looking at some time tested classics. To call some of these selections "eclectic" would be the equi ...

I Dig Jazz - Detroit ( Charles L. Latimer)
The jazz guitarist Bobby Broom last album was Upper Westside Stories. He packed it with new music, and for the first time fans were able to take in the full range of his writing. It was a wonderful and a daring outing. For Broom's new album My Shining Hour, available August 19th on Origin Records, Broom drummer Makaya McCraven and bassist Dennis C ...

DownBeat (John McDonough)
In this low-maintenance, upper-end CD, guitarist Bobby Broom strolls softly and intimately through the familiar riches of the Great American Songbook. When you've been playing with Sonny Rollins on and off for 34 years, songs like these become second nature. Rollins would fling them around in spreading orbits of peril to test their mettle. On his ...

Chicago Tribune (Howard Reich)
Every city tends to take its own jazz treasures a bit for granted, notwithstanding the respect they generate across the country and beyond. With My Shining Hour (Origin Records), to be released Aug. 19, guitarist Bobby Broom reminds us of his stature as soloist and bandleader. Fronting a trio with bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven ...

Something Else (Preston Frazier)
If you've showed up for Steely Dan's continuing Jamalot Ever After tour on time, then you are already familiar with the great tone and texture of opening act Bobby Broom, the Chicago-based guitarist. Curious to hear more? Here's your chance. With his largest release, My Shining Hour, Broom forgoes expressive original compositions like those o ...

New York Times (Nate Chinen)
For a jazz guitarist, Bobby Broom hasn't shown enormous interest in making a studio album of songbook standards. His output typically involves original tunes and off-kilter covers, with a boomerish sense of crossover appeal. So My Shining Hour due out on Origin on Tuesday, represents both a nod to convention and a deviation from the norm. It's al ... (Stephen Graham)
The very coolest jazz guitarists can burn when it's not obvious. They don't need to show off. But somehow there's a tipping point, the rhythm changes and tentative narrative forays up and down the frets turn into paragraphs, pages and chapters, the characters are created and the music speaks to you via the guitarist's imagination in real time. ...

New City Music (Corey Hall)
Are y'all hip to "Sweet Georgia Brown?" According to the grapevine, "It's been said/she knocks 'em dead/when she lands in town/Since she came/why it's a shame/how she cools them down!" Satchmo sang about her, as did Ella, Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis. And now jazz guitarist Bobby Broom and his trio have made a play for the gray gal on My ...

Wondering Sound (Dave Sumner)
Following on the heels of his solid 2012 release Upper West Side Story, his first album of all original compositions, guitarist Broom returns to the Great American Songbook for his newest release. Joined by bassist Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven, this session's intimacy is matched by its warmth. There is an old-school feel to this reco ...

The Jazz (Glenn Daniels)
Guitarist Bobby Broom once again proves himself the stellar musician on his latest creation. My Shining Hour features Broom and his trio of drummer Dennis Carroll and drummer Makaya McCraven in a session captured through a single stereo microphone, and spot mics, with all three players in the same room, interacting eye to eye. You can hear it too, ... (Carol Banks Weber)
It's important to note that virtuoso Chicago jazz guitarist Bobby Broom did not want to make a typical standard cover album in the August 19th release from Origin Records, My Shining Hour. His previous release, the broad-reaching 2012 Upper West Side Story contains all original, deeply personalized musical accounts of life growing up in New Yor ...

Chicago Reader (Peter Margasak)
The recordings that peerless Chicago guitarist Bobby Broom makes with his trio are almost always shaped by a precise conceit -- a program of Monk tunes, for instance, or a reimagining of 60s pop tunes as jazz vehicles. His excellent new album, My Shining Hour (Origin), is devoted entirely to standards, which is only notable because it's something ...

Louisville Music News (Martin Z. Kasdan Jr.)
Guitarist Bobby Broom has been getting a great deal of exposure this summer opening for Steely Dan, with an organ-based trio. His new recording, though, finds him fronting his working trio with longtime bassist Dennis Carroll and relative newcomer Makaya McCraven on drums (only on board for half a decade, now). Notwithstanding an extensive discogra ...

WNPR - Jazz Corridor (Owen McNally)
Broom is celebrating the release of his fine new guitar trio CD, My Shining Hour (Origin Records), featuring nine gem-like standards with a little bit of help from his friends and fellow jewelers, Dennis Carroll on bass and McCraven on drums. In its own somber, reflective, bluesy way, Broom’s original, poetic interpretation of “The Tennessee ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
Few guitarists these days possess an identifiable tone; Bobby Broom’s one of the guys who does. He’s been a perfect foil for tenor guys like Stanley Turrentine and Sonny Rollins, as his #2 pencil thin tone mixed with a duster of a strum is like a signature from a fountain pen. Most of the standards here are taken at a joyful and midtempo li ...

Jazz Guitar Society of Western Australia (Ian MacGregor)
I always love receiving a Bobby Broom CD for review, he is such a good improviser. He has two working trios, his organ trio and this one which was formed in 1991. This album Lerner and Loewe’s “The Heather On the Hill” and the old chestnut “Tennessee Waltz”. The empathy is already there when recording with a working group which usually ma ...

Record Collector News (Armand Lewis)
When people listen to records, they think they are hearing just that - a documentation of an actual performance. But this has not really been the case with most popular music since the 1960s. With the advent of multi-track tape and certainly now with digital file-based recording, editing and mixing, musicians are generally recorded one at a time in ...

Music Charts Magazine (Benjamin Franklin V)
Leader of various recording sessions beginning around 1980, sideman on numerous recording dates headed by the likes of Dizzy Gillespie and David Murray, a regular with Sonny Rollins off and on from the early 1980s until a few years ago, and leader of the Deep Blue Organ Trio beginning in 1999, guitarist Bobby Broom has been much in evid ...

Cadence (Jerome Wilson)
Broom is one of the best mainstream jazz guitarists out today, sporting a lively, fluid sound. The loose and freewheeling treatments he gives to "Sweet Georgia Brown", "Jitterbug Waltz" and "Sweet And Lovely" are very impressive and the rhythm section of Dennis Carroll and Makaya McCraven give him strutting, bubbling support. "Heather On The ...

Gina Love Jazz (Berlin) (Matthias Kirsch)
A collection of nine standards is the latest album by guitarist Bobby Broom. But this is not your typical standard fare – there is a Frederick Loewe song that hasn’t been recorded very often (“The Heather On The Hill”) and all of the tracks come to life by the shining arrangements for his trio which includes Dennis Carroll on bass and Makay ...

Oregon Jazz Scene (George Fendel)
It seems as though guitarist Bobby Broom has found a home on Seattle's Origin label, but somehow I must have missed this 2014 release. It is still available and worth telling you about. Broom takes off in very straight-ahead fashion with his trio mates, Dennis Carroll (bass) and Makaya McCraven (drums) on a menu of nine much admired standards. Broo ...





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