Along the Way

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...melodic conversational playing that is the epitome of modern, eclectic jazz.
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The trio of guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop were first heard together on the 2001 release Scenes along with tenor saxophonist Rick Mandyck. Now returning as a trio under the name Scenes, they continue their exploration of free flowing yet highly melodic ensemble playing as they perform an all original set of music. Touching on burning swing with "Studio City," haunting ballads with "Haiku" and "I Wish," and new country with "When Jasper Grows Up," the trio sculpts an uncompromising yet very accessible soundtrack.

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Track Listing:

1. Stay Right There 5:32
2. Studio City 8:28
3. When Jasper Grows Up 6:22
4. Fur Heide 4:48
5. Lonely Blue Angel 6:31
6. Macchu Picchu 9:16
7. Haiku 3:25
8. Castles 5:26
9. Ghost In The Corner 6:05
10. I Wish 7:38


Scenes is:
John Stowell - guitar
Jeff Johnson - bass
John Bishop - drums

Production Info:

Produced by SCENES
Recorded May 10, 2006 by FLOYD REITSMA
at STUDIO LITHO, Seattle
Mastered by MARK GUENTHER,
Seattle Disc Mastering
Layout & Design by JOHN BISHOP

Reviews of Along the Way

JAZZWEEK Magazine - 11/20/06 (Tad Hendrickson)
THE NAME OF a working trio that includes guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer John Bishop, the Seattle-based Scenes has a nice chemistry that has evolved since the band first appeared as a quartet in 2001. This combo plays like a band and acts like a band: all 10 tunes here come from the pen of either Stowell or Johnson is one e ...

All About Jazz (John Kelman)
It's easier to impress listeners with virtuosity than subtlety and nuance, but thankfully there are those who take the road less traveled. Along the Way, the second release by Scenes, is the result of three musicians being comfortable in their own skins and having nothing to prove. The vibe may be relaxed and the delivery spacious, but this music p ...

Jazz Radio 247 (Rick Holland)
Origin has released a beautiful disc featuring a guitar-led rhythm section, featuring John Stowell. He's accompanied by John Bishop and Jeff Johnson. This disc features 10 new originals by John Stowell and Jeff Johnson. They're explorative originals, which expand a players harmonic and rhythmic sensibilities. The group plays them passionately and c ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenburg)
Along the Way is the follow-up release from Seattle trio Scenes, previously a quartet. With the departure of tenor sax player Rick Mandyck (due to health issues), the trio consolidate to the core of guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson, and drummer John Bishop. As such, the sound suddenly becomes a bit more bare, without the strong lead pre ... (Richard Kamins)
The trio of John Stowell (guitar), Jeff Johnson (acoustic bass) and John Bishop (drums), collectively known as Scenes, takes its name from a 2001 recording they made with saxophonist Rick Mandyck for Seattle's Origin label. "Along The Way" is their first release but it sounds like they've worked together for years. Stowell, a fixture on th ...

The Davis Enterprise (Ric Bang)
Scenes, another Pacific Northwest group, began as a quartet: guitarist Johhn Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson, drummer John Bishop and tenor saxman Rick Mandyck. When a health problem forced Mandyck to depart, the group continued as a trio. "Along The Way" is the new group's first release. Each musician is well-known in the jazz fraternity, and ...

Just Jazz Guitar (Matthew Warnock)
Scenes is a trio consisting of guitarist John Stowell, bassist Jeff Johnson and drummer John Bishop. These three master musicians come together on Along The Way to produce one of the most captivating albums of the past year. All ten tunes on this album were written by either Stowell or Johnson. Ever tune has its own unique voice, yet they all co ...

Cadence (Marc Medwin)
Scene's newest release, the trio's second, is quietly engrossing. "Haiku" for example. A brief gem of a tune, is immediately disarming, introspectively clean guitar fourths frosting a bowed bass sustain atop rushing cymbals. An extreme moment, the disc is, by and large, similarly detailed if more rhythmically active. "Ghost in the Corner" gives a b ...

All About Jazz (Bill Bennett)





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