Steve Korn

Points in Time

Origin 82418


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Good things come in threes, the saying goes, and so it is with the third release from Seattle drummer Steve Korn.
Jason West/ All About Jazz

Continuing his very fertile relationship with the dynamic saxophone tandem of Mark Taylor and Rob Davis, Seattle-based drummer Steve Korn follows up on his two critically acclaimed recordings for Origin Records with a dynamic set of originals. Also featuring the great pianist Marc Seales, Korn's music covers the range of modern, post-bop jazz exploring the retro-soul-shuffle of "Theme from the Sit-Com of the Same Name" to the hauntingly beautiful sonorities of "Little Bird." As the All Music Guide said about his last release "Pride & Joy," "The one objective that Korn's second album achieves quite readily is to create anticipation for a third." Indeed.

Track Listing:

1. Hymn (Steve Korn) 1:56
2. Helio (Steve Korn) 8:41
3. Tangents (Steve Korn) 8:08
4. O.K. (Ron Carter) 7:06
5. Open Door (Steve Korn) 3:59
6. Little Bird (Steve Korn) 7:07
7. Baraka (Steve Korn) 6:22
8. Beacons (Jochen Feucht) 4:31
9. Theme Song From The Sit-Com Of The Same Name (Steve Korn) 6:54


Mark Taylor - alto, tenor and soprano saxophones
Rob Davis - tenor and soprano saxophones
Marc Seales - piano
Paul Gabrielson - bass
Steve Korn - drums

Production Info:

Produced by Steve Korn
Engineer: Reed Ruddy
Assistant Engineer: Sam Hofstedt
Recorded at Studio X, Seattle, WA June 19th & 20th, 2003
Mixed at Studio X by Reed Ruddy and Steve Korn
Mastered by Mark Guenther at Seattle Disc Mastering
Layout & design by John Bishop/OriginArts

Reviews of Points in Time

All About (Jason West)
Good things come in threes, the saying goes, and so it is with the third release from Seattle drummer Steve Korn. While his first and second CD projects contained a total of six original compositions, Points in Time features seven Korn originals, providing us with the clearest glimpse into his musical psyche. Recorded at Studio X in June of thi ...

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
This one, more than most sets that come this way, reveals itself in successive layers. Melody didn't initially assert itself to these ears. It was there, in dreamy post bop permutations, but it was the harmonies that grabbed me from the start. Drummer Steve Korn and company explore unusual and engaging harmonic frameworks, and I spent a couple of s ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
From Seattle drummer Steve Korn comes Points in Time, his third release on Origin Records. Following in the theme of his previous albums, Korn makes heavy use of the musicality of the drums both in his playing and in arrangement and composition. The album opens with the rather ethereal (and short) "Hymn" before moving into "Helio," where the indivi ...

Jazz Review (Dr. Thomas R. Erdmann)
The first thing that immediately strikes you about Seattle drummer/percussionist/composer Steve Korn's latest recording, Points In Time, is his remarkably musical cymbal technique. Whether it be his ability to lightly brush the face of the cymbals with just the very tip of the drumstick, or riding out the rhythm on larger cymbals, Korn is able to w ...





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