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Live In Seattle

Origin 82464


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...might be the best jazz release of 2006.
Dr. Mike Matheny / Radioio

Already represented by two Japanese releases, Live in Seattle marks the Locke/Keezer Group's first U.S. performance and recording. Performing original music by each of the leaders and an arrangement of James Taylor's "Native Son," the nimble and fiery band recalls groups like Return to Forever and Weather Report with their tight, sophisticated arrangements and towering solos. This performance from the Ballard Jazz Festival was awarded the 2006 Golden Ear Award for Northwest Concert of the Year and is an uncompromising yet totally accessible look at one of the finest working groups today. With Mike Pope on bass and Terreon Gully on drums.

"The group's spiritual depth was noticeable in this deeply affecting performance..." - Bill Barton, All About Jazz
"No vibraphonist working today swings more soulfully than Locke." - Paul deBarros, Seattle Times

Track Listing:

2. HONU 7:19
3. FRACTURED 11:04
4. NATIVE SON 6:38
5. MIRAMAR 10:27
6. TULIPA 7:05
7. THE KING (FOR T.M.) 6:44


JOE LOCKE - vibes
GEOFFREY KEEZER - piano / keyboards
MIKE POPE - acoustic & electric basses

Production Info:

recorded live at the BALLARD JAZZ FESTIVAL, Seattle, WA, November 19, 2005
concert produced by MATT JORGENSEN & JOHN BISHOP
recorded and mixed by REED RUDDY
assistant engineer JOEL BROWN
mixed at ROBERT LANG STUDIOS, Seattle
assistant mixing engineer AUSTIN SOUSA
mastered by MARK GUENTHER at Seattle Disc Mastering
cover art by TRACY MacEWAN
design and layout by JOHN BISHOP

Reviews of Live In Seattle

All Music Guide (Ken Dryden)
Vibraphonist Joe Locke and keyboardist Geoff Keezer's third collaboration (their previous two CDs were released in Japan under the New Sound Quartet moniker) is their first live recording as a team. Joining them are bassist Mike Pope and drummer Terreon Gully (the latter who also took part in their earlier studio recordings) for a stimulating set r ...

Audiophile Audition (Jeff Krow)
Vibraphonist Joe Locke and keyboardist Geoff Keezer have had three recorded collaborations - the first two were released in Japan only on a different label. Their latest CD was recorded live at the 2005 Ballard Jazz Festival and is a real gem. Imagine a revved up Modern Jazz Quartet with a more assertive drummer (Terreon Gully) and you get the pict ... ( Andrea Canter)
Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer: Live and Lush in Seattle Two giants of modern mainstream jazz joined forces last fall at the Ballard Jazz Festival in Seattle, and the result was golden. Not only did this elegant quartet win an Earshot Golden Ear Award as the Northwest Concert of the Year for 2005, the music was recorded and released this month a ...

JazzWeek (Tad Hendrickson)
THOSE WHO MADE it to Rochester in June know what a potent combination vibesman Joe Locke and pianist Geoffrey Keezer are. The duo is backed by drummer Terreon Gully and bassist Mike Pope here for a live set that seems to take pains to show the versatility of the group. This might be because Locke and Keezer share the composition duties equally, bu ...

All About Jazz (John Kelman)
Vibist Joe Locke and keyboardist Geoffrey Keezer have been working together for some time as the New Sound Quartet, which has released two discs in Japan. But while that group - clearly the precursor to this quartet - focused out of necessity on a primarily standards-based repertoire, Live in Seattle provides a far better and more accurate represen ...

Radioio (Dr. Michael Matheny)
The newest from Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer, 'Live in Seattle' is out in stores Tuesday the 18th of July, and just might be the best jazz release of 2006. having been accused of favoring jazz fusion in the radioioJAZZ playlist. I use these seven brilliant live tracks to stand behind my plea. I am guilty of loving jazz fusion. And 'Live in Seattle ...

MusicWeb International (Tony Augarde )
Put together two experienced virtuosi at the head of a jazz quartet and you can hardly fail. Vibraphonist Joe Locke has displayed his expertise with Mingus Dynasty and bands led by such luminaries as Eddie Henderson and Tim Garland. Pianist Geoffrey Keezer joined Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers when he was only 17 and later became a vital part of Ray ...

All About Jazz (Jason West)
As can be the case on special occasions, this live recording is ripe with sonic excitement, spontaneity, and the ubiquitous impression that something extraordinary is happening right before one's ears. That undoubtedly was the feeling of those who filled the Mars Hill Church on November 19, 2005 for the third annual Ballard Jazz Festival's head ...

Jazz Times, November 2006 (Harvey Siders)
Constantly flirting with atonality but never surrendering to it, this quartet made a lasting impression at the 2005 Ballard Jazz Festival, where the hip folks at Origin made a live, studio-quality recording. So much is happening at any given moment that careful, repeat listening is required to separate the various strands that combine to create the ...

Percussive Notes, December 2006 (Tom Morgan)
Live in Seattle was recorded in 2005 at the Ballard Jazz Festival and contains an eclectic mix of styles from fusion to hard swinging jazz to James Taylor. Vibist Joe Locke and pianist Geoffrey Keezer are joined by bassist Mike Pope and drummer Terreon Gully. The group comes out of the shoot burning with Locke's "Van Gogh by Numbers," which is a ...

the Davis Enterprise (Ric Bang)
***** This CD presents the 2005 award-winning concert - and U.S. debut - of the Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer quartet. Until recently, this group toured only in Japan, although it made two recordings for the Sony "Eightly-Eight" series label. But even a cursory look at the leaders' backgrounds and experience will reveal that we're dealing with a ...

100 Greatest Jazz Albums (100 Greatest Albums)
Seeing Joe Locke and Geoffrey Keezer recently at Zeferrellis Ambleside (where alongside John Patitucci they were both part of the Tim Garland / Graham Fitkin experimental concerto grosso "Momentum") was a reminder that this recent album had been overlooked in these reviews. Recorded live at the June 2005 Ballard Jazz Festival in Washington State, t ...





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