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...serious chops and a luxuriant trumpet sound...

From Freddie Hubbard's burner "Take it to the Ozone," to the moody and spare reading of Elvis Costello's "Almost Blue," Flexicon's unified yet eclectic mix further solidifies Marriott's standing as one of the finer voices in jazz today both as a trumpeter and producer. Along with his band of saxophonist Mark Taylor, pianist Bill Anschell, bassist Jeff Johnson, drummer Matt Jorgensen and special guest Joe Locke on vibes, Marriott visits jazz classics such as Spring Is Here and Detour Ahead, pop tunes from Costello and John Barry, and a trio of thoughtful originals.

Track Listing:

1) Take It To The Ozone 5:19
2) Masqualero 7:03
3) Spring Is Here 7:01
4) Little Frances 6:12
5) Detour Ahead 5:38
6) Brothers & Sisters 4:30
7) You Only Live Twice 7:24
8) Circadian Rhythms 4:01
9) Almost Blue 3:21


THOMAS MARRIOTT - trumpet & flugelhorn
MARK TAYLOR - saxophone (1,2,4,6,8)
BILL ANSCHELL - piano & fender rhodes
JOE LOCKE - vibes (tracks 1,7)

Production Info:

Produced by Thomas Marriott
Recorded on March 20, 2008 at
Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA
Engineered by Matt Shaw
Mixed by Don Gunn
Mastered by John McCaig at panicStudios
Photography by Chad McCullough
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Flexicon

All Music Guide (Adam Greenburg)
Trumpeter Thomas Marriott spent time paying his dues in the New York scene, moving back to his native Northwest after a few years and becoming a darling of the local jazz scene. On Flexicon, he pulls out sounds and styles from both areas of influence. The album opens with Freddie Hubbard's "Take It to the Ozone," jumping directly into full-speed, f ...

Vancouver Sun (Marke Andrews)
Thomas Marriott, a Seattle-based trumpet and flugelhorn player, assembles a top-notch band from his hometown and, supplementing it with New York vibraphonist Joe Locke for two tracks, produces a disc that will put the Emerald City on the jazz map. Marriott not only has a signature sound individually -- tuneful during solos, lyrical even when he ...

All About (Dan McClenaghan)
If Seattle, Washington-based Origin Records can be said to have a signature sound, trumpeter Thomas Marriott's Flexicon could be picked as an example. The music is mainstream, with two horns and a rhythm section, polished up and modernized with a nice edge, some luminous Fender Rhodes, a solid-yet-adventurous bassist, and a top notch, push-the-trad ...

Oregon Jazz Scene (George Fendel)
I hope the jazz community in Seattle realizes what a monster they have in Thomas Marriott. He's a trumpet whiz capable of just about anything playable on the instrument. His new CD is both an exciting roller coaster ride and a lesson in lyricism. Whether it's Freddie Hubbard's jet-like "Take It To The Ozone"or a faster than usual flugelhorn solo on ...

Audiophile Audition (Don Simpson)
For those outside of the Pacific Northwest, Seattle may not be known as a jazz city, but there are some stellar musicians in the region, and one of the best examples of what is going on in the Puget Sound vicinity is trumpeter Thomas Marriott. Marriott uses traditional, post-bop jazz as a starting point, but his character and personality encompasse ...

The Voice, Sacramento (Dick Crockett)
Thomas Marriott demonstrates one of the most active and strong clear blue trumpet tones in jazz, so overt and apparent on his new "Flexicon" CD, and with Mark Taylor's hard edged saxophone play, Bill Anschell's particulate sound on both acoustic piano and Rhodes, along Jeff Johnson, the best bassist from the Great Northwest and versatile power dru ...

Cadence (David Dupont)
Thomas Marriott opens his session, Flexicon, with his own Hubbard cover, "Take it to the Ozone." Though Marriott clearly has learned as much from Hubbard as Gardner, what they've taken from the late trumpeter is different. Gardner captures the bluster and showmanship while Marriott has drawn from the lyrical side. I first encountered Marriott on ...

The Davis Enterprise (RicBang)
Thomas Marriott plays trumpet and flugelhorn, and is based in the Seattle area. I reviewed an earlier release ("Both Sides of the Fence") by this group a few years ago, and found it quite enjoyable. Marriott once again uses his basic quartet - with pianist Bill Anschell, bassist Jeff johnson and drummer Matt Jorgensen - and adds guest artists Ma ...

Seattle Times (Andrew Gilbert)
Seattle trumpeter Marriott tips his hat to horn heroes Freddie Hubbard and Miles Davis without ceding his own identity as a melodically inventive composer and consistently incisive improviser whose lines simmer anxiously without boiling over. A top-shelf cast featuring pianist/keyboardist Bill Anschell, bassist Jeff Johnson, drummer Matt Jorgenson, ...





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