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Shade is an outstanding album of contemporary jazz...
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Richard Cole's latest recording showcases the versatile saxophonist in like-minded and stellar company. With trumpeter Randy Brecker again making an appearance, Shade is instantly compelling. Both rollicking and serene, Shade varies the program, from the fusion-informed "Red Hat" to the modern impressions of "Beautiful Love" and "I Could Write a Book" while showcasing several dynamic originals including the opening track "A Shade for Joe," a nod to the great Joe Henderson. Shade also features pianists Randy Porter & John Hansen, bassists Chuck Deardorf & Jeff Johnson, drummers Gary Hobbs & John Bishop, among others.

Track Listing:

1. A Shade Of Joe 6:43
2. Moxy 6:04
3. You Don't Know What Love Is 11:07
4. Don't Breathe On Me 5:07
5. P.C. Wannabe 5:21
6. Red Suit 9:08
7. I Could Write A Book 7:06
8. Beautiful Love 6:52


RICHARD COLE - tenor & soprano sax
RANDY BRECKER - trumpet (1,3,5,6)
THOMAS MARRIOTT - trumpet (1)
DAVID MARRIOTT - trombone (1)
BILL ANSCHELL - piano (2,4,5,7,8)
JOHN HANSEN - piano (3)
RANDY PORTER - piano (1)
MARC SEALES - fender rhodes (6)
DAVE PETERSON - guitar (1)
GLENN LORBIECKI - guitar (6)
JEFF JOHNSON - bass (2,4,7,8)
CHUCK DEARDORF - bass (3,5,6)
GARY HOBBS - drums (1,3,5,6)
JOHN BISHOP - drums (2,4,7,8)
CHRIS STROMQUIST - congas, shekere (3)

Production Info:

Produced by Richard Cole
Co-producers: Bill Anschell & Dr. Ronald Cole
Recorded and mixed by Reed Ruddy
Track 1 - recorded February 9, 2000 at Ironwood Studios, Seattle
Tracks 3,5,6 - recorded May 21, 2005 at Studio X, Seattle
Tracks 2,4,7,8 - recorded May 7, 2007 at Avast II Studios, Seattle
Additional Recording: Glenn Sound, Seattle, WA in June, 2007
Engineered by Glenn Lorbiecki
Mixed at Robert Lang Studios, July/August 2007
Assisting Engineers: Sam Hofstedt, Jeff Gall, Austin Held, John Ziemski
Mastered by Ross Nyberg, Ross Nyberg Mastering, Sept. 6, 2007
Photography by Jim Linna, Appeal Studios, Seattle
Road photographs by Andrew Cribb
Cole in performance photo by Todd Bishop
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Shade

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Shade is an outstanding album of contemporary jazz from (mostly) tenor saxman Richard Cole. This album opens with a bang and a slightly larger ensemble in something of a tribute to Joe Henderson. Cole, as well as trumpeters Thomas Marriott and Randy Brecker, take some outstanding solos here. In pianist Bill Anschell's composition "Moxy," the band s ...

All About (John Barron)
Shade, Saxophonist Richard Cole's third release for Origin Records, is a stellar production compiled from various sessions featuring trumpet legend Randy Brecker and a bevy of heavy hitters from the Pacific Northwest. The disc is chock-full of inspired solos, edgy compositions and inventive arranging. Cole is an aggressive soloist who, much like ...

JazzTimes, May 2008 (Forrest Dylan Bryant)
Saxophonist Richard Cole's third disc as a leader takes a patchwork approach, varying hard edged bop romps with sunny standards and cool contemporary fusion. The personnel is equally varied, as over a dozen of Seattle's better jazz players drift in and out, casting Cole's soulful tenor and quicksilver soprano in ever-changing light. Randy Brecker a ...





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