John Bishop

Nothing If Not Something

Origin 82455


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This alluring trio set maintains Origin Records' tradition of outstanding music with a contemplative free sound infused with extroversion and heat ...
Dan McClenaghan, All About Jazz

First performing together in the early '90's, Bishop's trio spent 8 years appearing every Tuesday night at a Seattle club where they developed their thoroughly melodic and fluid group aesthetic. Saxophonist Rick Mandyck has long been a major voice in NW jazz, performing and recording with Mark Murphy, Billy Hart, Lawrence Marable, and Carter Jefferson. Bassist Jeff Johnson was a member of Philly Joe Jones' band in the '70's and Hal Galper's and Jessica Williams' trios throughout the '90's. John Bishop has appeared on over 70 recordings, including projects with George Cables, Ernie Watts, Ralph Towner, Bud Shank and Mark Murphy. Because of health issues, "Nothing If Not Something" marks the last recorded work of Rick Mandyck on alto saxophone. The trio carries on with Mandyck expressing his deeply musical voice on the guitar.

Track Listing:

1. SARI 3:17 (Mandyck/Johnson/Bishop)
2. ALL DAY PASS 4:47 (Mandyck)
3. ORANGE BLOSSOM 9:06 (Curtis Lundy)
4. ANATA WA UTSUKUSHI 3:51 (Mandyck)
5. HURT BROTHERS 9:22 (Johnson)
6. LADY IN BLACK 8:18 (Ralph Peterson Jr.)
7. TAKING FOREVER 7:26 (Mandyck)
8. LOST & FOUND 7:01 (Mandyck)
9. GONE 4:23 (Johnson)


RICK MANDYCK - alto saxophone

Production Info:

Produced by JOHN BISHOP
Recorded & mixed by FLOYD REITSMA at STUDIO LITHO, Seattle, WA on August 23, 2004
Mastered by MARK GUENTHER at Seattle Disc Mastering
Musician photos by MATT JORGENSEN
Design & layout by JOHN BISHOP

Reviews of Nothing If Not Something

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
John Bishop heads one of the most dynamic new jazz labels, Origin Records, out of Seattle, Washington. In addition to his chores running the company, Bishop also designs some of the coolest cover art out there. Origin has released two hundred-plus CDs, garnering four Grammy nominations along the way. Bishop plays some drums, too, co-leading a f ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenburg)
****1/2 - 4 1/2 STARS This is the Seattle sound at its finest. The trio, led by Origin Records founder John Bishop, has a subtle touch. The sound is dignified, but isn't afraid to let the sax wail a little now and then. In large part, the music gains something distinctive over East Coast jazz in its lack of a drive to highlight talent and knowl ...

Sacramento Radio (Dick Crockett)
This formative, saxophone, bass and drums is always the most intriguing, giving ample space to all three contributors. Drummer John Bishop is the leader and it's his kinetic underscoring that keeps this music together. Other capables, as Rick Mandyck on saxophone and Jeff Johnson on bass add inventive vectors throughout, especially on "All Day P ...

Percussive Notes (Tom Morgan)
This recording is the result of an over ten-year association between drummer John Bishop, bassist Jeff Johnson and saxophonist Rick Mandyck. This piano-less trio, while somewhat reminiscent of Elvin Jones' groups, has developed an original sound and approach. Playing without a harmonic instrument requires a high level of communication and a strong ...

Jazz Times (Bill Milkowski)
On this adventurous, open-ended trio outing, the Seattle-based drummer and founder of Origin Records forges an extraordinary, freewheeling chemistry with kindred spirits Jeff Johnson on bass and Rick Mandyck on alto sax. A ubiquitous figure on the Northwest jazz scene, Bishop's first recording under his own name runs the gamut of dynamics from a s ...

Cadence (David Dupont)
One of my favorite musical lineups is the saxophone-bass-drums trio. It's ideal for open ended musical exploration. It's highly democratic with all the instruments having an equal share in the ensembles, though inevitably the saxophone gets most of the solo space. Yet without a chordal instrument to lock things in, those solos tend to have a conver ...





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