Thomas Marriott

Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson

Origin 82495


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A thoroughly impressive affair
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Following up on the radio topping success of 2007's Both Sides of the Fence, the Seattle-based trumpeter goes in a decidedly different direction with his newest recording as he pays tribute to the great musical catalog of Willie Nelson. Informed by modern electronic music yet rooted in conceptual modern-jazz, the quintet strives to preserve the spirit of Willie's original recordings while musically searching for very new musical places. Songs include "Everywhere I Go," "Time Slips Away," and a rolling & majestic "On the Road Again."

Track Listing:

1. Phases & Stages, Circles & Cycles 6:04
2. Everywhere I Go 4:36
3. Write Your Own Songs 4:36
4. You Wouldn't Cross the Street 8:40
5. Blame It on the Times 3:08
6. I'm Building Heartaches 2:52
7. The Great Divide 7:07
8. Crazy 3:41
9. Time Slips Away 4:52
10. One in a Row 7:03
11. On the Road Again 4:39


THOMAS MARRIOTT - trumpet & flugelhorn
MARK TAYLOR - saxophone
RYAN BURNS - moog synthesizer, fender rhodes

special guests:
WAYNE HORVITZ - keyboards (3),
RICK MANDYCK - guitar (10 & 11) vocal (11),
CECIL YOUNG - gong (11)

Production Info:

Produced by Thomas Marriott
Recorded & mixed by Floyd Reitsma
at Studio Litho, November 15 & 16, 2006
Mastered by Mark Guenther at
Seattle Disc Mastering
Cover photograph by David Chick
Session photos by Chad McCullough
Traycard & Marriott photographs by Steve Korn
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Even for an album of Willie Nelson songs done by a jazz trumpeter, the Sun Ra-style opening is a surprise. Nelson's songs walk the line between simple and complex, holding elements of traditional music while occasionally introducing modern sentiment. Given his affinity for collaboration across genres, one might assume that he'd approve of a jazz re ...

All About Jazz (John Barron)
Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson goes above and beyond the confines of mere adulation for an American music icon. Seattle-based trumpeter Thomas Marriott creates a conceptual sonic flow, harnessing energy from the melodic and rhythmic legacy of some of Nelson's well known and not-so-well-known gems. For the bulk of the session Marriott is supporte ...

All About (Dan McClenaghan)
If you want to put your music into compartments, it might be hard to cozy up to a "jazz" CD getting tight with the tunes of "country" icon Willie Nelson. But smart music lovers throw the labels down the man hole, and maybe remember that none other than Miles Davis counted himself a Nelson fan -- check out the six takes of the tune "Willie Nels ...

The Stranger (Christopher DeLaurenti)
I phoned Seattle trumpeter Thomas Marriott with just one question about his latest disc, Crazy: The Music of Willie Nelson (Origin): Why Willie Nelson? As if anticipating my question, Marriott reflected, "In jazz, we have a lexicon of songs?the repertory of standard tunes. Many of them," he added, "come from movies made in the 1930s. The reperto ...

JazzTimes, May 2008 (Thomas Conrad)
Thomas Marriott is one of the two first-tier trumpet players to come out of Seattle in the last decade. The other is Cuong Vu. Marriott is the more "inside" of the two, but not by much. Crazy is creatively off-the-wall. It is also a sincerely affectionate tribute. Marriot does not offer bebop versions of Willie Nelson songs but uses them to provoke ...





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