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Sara Leib

...a beautiful, natural voice, and she improvises with aplomb, scatting with ease.
- Steve Greenlee, Boston Globe

Finely honed talent and borderless musical vision meet in the music and voice of Sara Leib. Heralded as one of jazz music's most exciting young vocalists, Leib has performed for audiences worldwide, and has been hailed for her dazzling improvisational chops and her endearingly thoughtful stage presence.

Leib grew up in Los Angeles, CA, a diverse world where musical fusion was already commonplace, but was faster breaking boundaries with the proliferation of the internet. Never one to embrace boundaries, Sara found her love of jazz in her high school jazz choir, when she realized that taking a solo meant that she got to "make stuff up." Sara found improvisation to be a riveting blend of risk-taking, musical intellect, and immense freedom. Emboldened by receiving a scholarship after her participation in the GRAMMY High School Jazz Choir, Sara moved to continue her studies in jazz and contemporary music, first at the Berklee College Of Music, and later at the New England Conservatory.

In 2003, at the age of just 21, Leib released her first album, It's Not the Moon to much musical acclaim. The Boston Globe raved, "She's got a beautiful, natural voice, and she improvises with aplomb, scatting with ease." With CDs and music degrees in hand, Sara took her music globally, touring Japan, South Africa, and major U.S. cities. Since then, Leib has sung and collaborated with many of her own favorite musicians, including Taylor Eigsti, Josh Nelson, Art Lande. and Paul McCandless. With her home base in Los Angeles, Sara found herself continually asked to teach voice lessons and vocal improvisation, so when invited to attend graduate school on a full scholarship and stipend, she jumped at the chance, finding a true passion for teaching music and voice. In 2009 Leib received her masters degree from the University Of Southern California. Since then she has taken every opportunity to marry performance with teaching, and in 2009 gave concerts and workshops in Guatemala, New Zealand, Nepal, China, and Greece. In 2010 Sara started her teaching website Singing TV.com, her vision to bring music education to the masses through social media, and in 2011, built her own teaching studio.

In Spring 2012, Leib will release her 2nd album, "Secret Love", on Origin Records. On "Secret Love", produced by jazz veteran Matt Pierson (Jane Monheit, Joshua Redman, Brad Meldau), Sara is joined by a venerable who's who of jazz musicians, including pianists Taylor Eigsti and Aaron Parks, bassist Harish Raghavan, drummer Eric Harland, drummer/percussionist Richie Barshay, and saxohphonist Dayna Stephens. On "Secret Love", Leib turns often heard jazz standards into excitingly fresh arrangements that sound new, and arranges singer/songwriter songs (the Everly Brothers' All I Have to Do Is Dream", and Ben Harper's "With My Own Two Hands", and Bob Dylan's "To Make You Feel My Love") into familiarly jazzy, but altogether new and brazen renditions.

Sara is currently on the faculty at LA Music Academy College of Music and Musicians Institute College of Music. She lives in Los Angeles with a giant labrador and in her scarce free time enjoys cooking, drinking wine, and collecting ethnic tribal art. Sara also curates the music at LA's The Tar Pit.


Sara Leib
OA2 Records 22088


For more information about Sara Leib, please visit: http://www.saraleib.com.

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