Matt Jorgensen +451

Quiet Silence

Origin 82401

This is not only one of the finest albums produced by Seattle's Origin Records, it's one of the most satisfying, well-made and seductive recordings currently in rotation in my house.
Paul de Barros

This ongoing project, 451, brings together some of the most searching players of the great Northwest, and allows them their way through musical terrains which blur the lines between jazz and other idioms. Daring musicians who think and breathe alike, led by a master percussionist who can be torrential one moment and a subtle colorist the next, interweave their voices into a reach of richly detailed soundscapes. Instead of the expected piano, we hear the lightly reverberant pipings of that fascinating instrument, the fender rhodes, lending the music its own unique, electric identity. This is the jazz, then, of a new millennium, airy and deep, the sonic rumors of a world that happens to be ours.

Track Listing:

1. Fog
2. Everything In It's Right Place
3. Tumbleweed
4. India
5. Blessing
6. Quiet Silence
7. The Look of Love
8. Ballad For John
9. Tomorrow Never Knows


Mark Taylor - saxophones
Rob Davis - saxophones
Marc Seales - fender rhodes
Phil Sparks - bass
Matt Jorgensen - drums

Gregg Keplinger - percussion
Aslan Rife - percussion

Production Info:

Produced by Matt Jorgensen
Recorded at Ironwood Studios, Seattle, WA, August 15, 2001
Engineered by Donn Devore, assisted by Dusty Robbennolt
Additional Recording at Ironwood Studios, March 26, 2002
Engineered by Steven Bechold
Mixed at Robert Lang Studios, Seattle, WA, March 27, 2002
Engineered by Reed Ruddy, assisted by Brian Valentino
Mastered at Seattle Disc Mastering, Seattle, WA, March 28, 2002 by Mark Guenther

Photography by Matt Jorgensen
Band photo by Alvin Taniguchi
Layout and Design by John Bishop/OriginArts

Reviews of Quiet Silence

The Seattle Times, February 2, 2003 (Paul de Barros)

Earshot Jazz, August 2001 (Gordon Todd)
Drummer Matt Jorgensen need not worry about the pitfall of the sophomore slump with his second release as a leader, Quiet Silence. It contains some of the freshest and most honest playing on any jazz CD this year. Jorgensen and his band, 451, play complex, progressive music but make it sound as natural as breathing. Unlike some bands led from th ...

Jazz Review (J. Nannen)
Funny thing about the Fender Rhodes electric piano, it's made the transition from being a sound that screamed "seventies!" to a more timeless one, like the Hammond B-3. Marc Searles shows why on the opening solo on "Fog," the opening track of "Quiet Silence" from Matt Jorgensen and 451. Searles' solo on the Rhodes is not only attractive, it shows h ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
In his sophomore album, Quiet Silence, drummer Matt Jorgensen shows off an incredible hand at both composing and arranging, as he moves effortlessly through piece after piece mixing the old and the new with his band 451, a collection of busy Seattle players. In what's perhaps been the most notable shift on the album, Marc Seales' usual piano is rep ...





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