Matt Jorgensen + 451

Another Morning

Origin 82500


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The group is a rhythm section and saxophone, but it sounds like no other. No one playing in this format - with the exception of perhaps Vijay Iyer - has crafted a more distinctive jazz identity.
All About

Drummer Matt Jorgensen and his long-time bandmates continue to push their unique sound in new directions with their fourth studio recording for Origin. With their expansive originals and stirring arrangements of The Beatles' "Helter Skelter," Joe Henderson's "Power To The People," and Neil Young's "Ohio," "Another Morning" provides a broad canvas for the band as they explore the group aesthetic they've been developing over the last decade. Also featured are guest appearances by Thomas Marriott on trumpet and Jason Goessl on guitar. "[Jorgensen's] rock aesthetic lends intensity to his improvisations ..." - The New York Post.

Track Listing:

1. New Beginnings 7:22
2. Sweetpea 5:21
3. Birds 7:47
4. Spectre 5:58
5. Lock Down 7:11
6. Helter Skelter 5:04
7. Entomology 7:42
8. Power To The People 7:05
9. Tell and Retell 1:22
10. Ohio 5:41


Matt Jorgensen + 451 is:
Mark Taylor - saxophones
Ryan Burns - fender rhodes / organ / moog
Phil Sparks - bass
Matt Jorgensen - drums

with special guests:
Thomas Marriott - trumpet (1,8,10)
Jason Goessl - guitar (2,10)

Production Info:

Produced by Matt Jorgensen
Engineered by Don Gunn
Additional recording at Man Made Music, NYC
Enginnered by Jeff McSpadden
Mixed by Don Gunn, August 2007
Mastered by Mark Guenther, Seattle Disc Mastering
Cover photo & live performance photos by Todd Bishop
Band photos by Steve Korn
Session photos by Chad McCullough
Cover design by John Bishop

Reviews of Another Morning

All About (Dan McClenaghan)
Matt Jorgensen + 451 has created a distinctive music, a free flying jazz sound with a 1960s rock sensibility, bursting with enormous chops. It's a mix of Ryan Burns' often out there, Jimi Hendix-ian keyboard work (wailing on Fender Rhodes, organ and Moog ), Mark Tayor's bite-of-lime saxophone tang, Jorgensen's multi-layered percussion complexities ...

All Music Guide (Adam Greenberg)
Despite the greats who spent time developing their craft in Seattle during a previous era (Ray Charles, Quincy Jones), today's Seattle jazz scene is a relatively young one compared to other, more established sounds. As such, perhaps it's fitting that fusion can play a part in it from time to time. Drummer Matt Jorgensen is one of those at the foref ...

The Stranger (Christopher DeLaurenti)
With Another Morning (Origin), Matt Jorgensen+451 continue their pathbreaking combination of jazz, rock, and funk, all without succumbing to the excesses of yore: aimless solos, straitjacketed arrangements, and second-rate riffs. My favorite track, "Lock Down," begins with Ryan Burns laying down some serene electric piano chords but a sequence of a ...

Bopin' Dick's 10 Picks (Dick Crockett)
Another Morning Is your answer to the other side of funk where Jersey City is fading mythology, and space mountain is the new anthology, where Santa Cruz women prefer hair on their legs than a full body wax, where odor is an essence of nirvana. Drummer Jorgensen has assembled a cast of Ryan Burns, keyboards, Mark Taylor saxophones, Phil Sparks, ba ...

JazzTimes, July/August 2008 (Scott Albin)
On the Seattle quartet's first recording since Hope in 2004, Matt jorgensen + 451 continues to explore a particular brand of jazz-rock fusion that is more subtle than your average pounding, thrashing, over-the-top variety. However, leader Jorgensen's fiery and excessively busy drumming often overwhelms and distracts from the group sound as well as ... (Thomas R. Erdmann)
Drummer/percussionist Matt Jorgensen's regular band releases this disc, Another Morning, their fourth studio recording on the Origin label. The longtime band mates, (Mark Taylor ? saxophone, Ryan Burns ? Fender Rhodes, Phil Sparks ? bass) are joined by trumpeter Thomas Marriott on three cuts and guitarist Jason Goessl on two. Jorgensen's backgrou ...

Earshot Jazz (Peter Monaghan)
Also on Origin is Matt Jorgensen +451, one of the most impressive live jazz bands in this region, with the potential to impress far afield. Their live performances are at times stunning -- supertight and driving. On disc, as live, the quartet has great confidence. Listening to them, you really do believe that there is every reason why their sound i ...





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