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Bobby Rozario

I seldom get that excited by a new album these days, but the absolutely scorching guitar originality that guitarist Rozario brings to this new album will have you RAWKin'...

Bobby Rozario is an exceptional guitar virtuoso of Indian / Brazilian - Portuguese descent known for his wizardry on the guitar. With a background and education in Indian Classical music (Hindustani Classical) and coming from a family of musicians where his mother was an Indian Classical / Semi-Classical singer, and father - a drummer and great grandfather a band master in a fleet of the Brazilian Army. Growing up performing live and being mentored by his parents since the age of 12 alongside receiving training and mentorship in Classical Indian music by Ustad Nasir Khan in New Delhi, India in the early 1990's.

Bobby is known to have an idiosyncratic style of interpreting melodic lines of Indian Raagas along with fast musical motifs at times blended into captivating lines of Blues and Jazz Rock fusion guitar playing. He has established himself as a stylistically distinctive guitarist, also skilled in generating and performing an acoustic guitar style of playing which emulates the sound of Classical Indian Instruments such as the Sarod and Sitar on a brass/steel body resonator guitar style showcased on his first album named Rudra which is a bow to the legendary guitarist John McLaughlin and the fusion group Shakti.

He has had the privilege of sharing stage with some of the most renowned vocal maestros from India, including Sufi singer Hansraj Hans accompanied by Tabla master Tari Khan on US tour, and Indian playback and ghazal singer Hariharan on his 2014 US tour. Bobby has also been performing and touring extensively on several US tours with Anup Jalota, one of the most celebrated non-film artists in Indian music who has 100 platinum and gold discs to his name. Most recently Bobby Rozario has been part of a US tour with acclaimed Indian playback singer and Hindustani Classical Vocal maestro Suresh Wadkar and master drummer Zakir Hussain on a recent US Tour in September of 2022 with performances taking place at the Crest Theater, Sacramento CA, Eldorado Musical Theater in Placentia CA, and San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, San Jose CA to name a few.

Recently, Bobby completed production on his highly anticipated second solo album, Spellbound, which features a diverse range of world-class Grammy winning musicians, including drum icons such as Dennis Chambers and Robby Ameen, and bass wizards Gary Grainger and James Genus, Melvin Gibbs along with Puerto rican jazz pianist Edsel Gomez, organist Radam Schwartz and keyboardist Neil Alexander. Spellbound is a stunning piece of music produced by Bobby Rozario which showcases his virtuosity and a distinctive playing style on the guitar and his expansive compositional mindset contributing to the rhythmic and melodic proficiency in the repertoire. The album features heavy Latin and Afro-Latin rhythms that keep the critical listener engaged, while also being entertaining for the common ear. With vocal tracks by vocalist Ismael Kouyate nephew to African singing legend Mory Knate from Guinea Africa, alongwith Cuban/Puerto Rican vocalist Jose Pepito Gomez and vocalist Chris Alfinez who are featured on three separate tracks on this record. Spellbound takes the listener on a captivating journey through a unique guitar playing style, fusing World, Latin Jazz, and Rock elements to create a sound that is truly exceptional. Bobby Rozario's uncommon musicianship and virtuosity are evident throughout the album, as he brings together a lineup of over 15 world-class musicians to create new hybrids and blends their signature instrumentation which keeps the listener engaged from start to finish. Spellbound is Rozario's second self produced record.

A beautiful reflection of signature artistry and his dream of bringing different worlds of music and rhythms together, makes this record a must-listen for anyone who connects to the HEART of music and rhythm.


Bobby Rozario
Origin 82875



For more information about Bobby Rozario, please visit: https://www.bobbyrozario.com.


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