Hans Teuber & Jeff Johnson


Origin 82756


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Jeff Johnson plays with a mystique that takes the music out of the ordinary with his inventive improvised lines...

Saxophonist Hans Teuber and bassist Jeff Johnson began their musical association in 1990 when their paths intersected in Seattle. Both had recently arrived and they soon discovered the chemistry between them was substantial and uncanny. Performing together on all five of Johnson's recordings on Origin Records and on hundreds of performances, recordings and concerts over the last 25 years, their musical collaboration is highly intuitive and empathetic. Both diligently mentored in their teens by veteran jazz musicians, while simultaneously playing in a wide variety of musical situations, they each bring a rich palette of influences to their performances. From free improvisations to jazz standards, it's all touched upon here somewhere, in the moment, completely natural, conversational and without pretension.

Track Listing:

1. When I'm in the Sky 3:33 Teuber, Johnson
2. Bright Lights, Big City 5:48 Jimmy Reed
3. Let's Pretend 3:39 Teuber, Johnson
4. What's New? 2:59 Bob Haggard
5. Rain Makes Applesauce 4:05 Teuber
6. Hot Rod 2:15 Teuber, Johnson
7. How Deep is the Ocean 5;42 Irving Berlin
8. Hopi Dream 4:06 Teuber, Johnson
9. Hummingbirds 2:00 Teuber, Johnson
10. You've Changed 7:27 Carl Fischer


Hans Teuber - Tenor & Alto saxophones, Alto Flute
Jeff Johnson - Bass

Production Info:

Recorded by Eric Eagle at Skoor Sound, Seattle, WA
on January 21, 2015 & April 4, 2017
Mixed by Eric Eagle
Mastered by Ed Brooks, Resonant Mastering, Seattle
Photo of Hans by Kirk Nordenstrom; Jeff by Jim Levitt
Cover design & layout by John Bishop

Reviews of Deuce

Midwest Record (Chris Spector)
An utterly elegant sax/bass duo that plays it straight without any outside embellishment and shows you how to deliver a proper recital that has feeling rather than just be pretty but just lay there. Playing together for over 25 years, this duo has the telepathy in place to lead you even if they haven't thought ahead to where they are going to tak ...

All About Jazz (Dan McClenaghan)
Bassist Jeff Johnson's first recording for Seattle's Origin Records was 1999's Free. Saxophonist Hans Teuber was there, and he was there on Johnson's subsequent Origin outings: The Art Of Falling (2001), Near Earth (2004), and Suitcase (2011). It's a relationship that has made beautiful music - mysterious and oddly sacred sounds that exude a smooth ...

Earshot Jazz (Ian Gwin)
Veterans of the Seattle scene and kindred "wise musical souls," saxophonist Hans Teuber and bassist Jeff Johnson have aptly named their duo debut. The etymology of "deuce" traces back to the number two, but along the way has picked up the spice of the devil and the underworld aura of the gambling den: like rolling snake eyes, a deuce pins the playe ...

All About Jazz (Paul Rauch)
4-STARS Bassist Jeff Johnson and multi-reedist Hans Teuber have a musical and personal friendship that goes back to the late eighties when both first arrived in the northwest outpost that is the city of Seattle. The jazz scene in the Pacific Northwest has always been prolific, though to many, a hidden gem outside of the main pulse of jazz cities s ...

Jazz Weekly (George W. Harris)
A rich mix of duets between Hans Teuber/ts-as-fl and bassist Jeff Johnson make for a rich of space and lyricism. The collection of originals and standards keeps the interest level high, as the team's "Hopi Dream" is a gorgeously wide spacious work of flute and bass that strikes up images of Monument Valley, while Johnson's fingerwork lays down a hi ...

Rifftides (Doug Ramsey)
Three thousand miles across the US, saxophonist and flutist Hans Teuber and bassist Jeff Johnson have been partners for as long Turner and Iverson have collaborated in New York. Teuber has been on all of Johnson's albums for their hometown Seattle label, Origin. This time, though, there's a difference; it's just the two of them. Their piece "Let's ...





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